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Group work is getting things done in Mundemu

03 December 2012

I arrived back in Dublin last weekend and after catching up with everything here in the office, I finally got a chance to sit down and write my first blog post about my trip to Tanzania.

I met so many great people and have so much to share with you. Today, I want to tell you about Mundemu ADP and two business groups I met there.

A small business empire is born

Violet, Edina and Veronica together with our board member Kristin Quinn and CEO Helen Keogh. Violet Dobogo, Edina Mwigalawa and Veronica Jairos started their small business empire from a hairdresser to renting rooms to construction workers in the area. They expanded on to buying and selling piglets and are investing further in their horticulture plot.

They achieved this through a lot of determination and loans from the SEDA which is World Vision’s microfinance bank in Tanzania. Without this type of bank they would not have been able to access loans as regular interest rates are just too high.

Just recently they have purchased an electric pump to irrigate their land and are growing just about anything! They told me how the income means that they can make sure their children have all they need for school and a healthy diet.

Busara Carpentry

Admiring a bed frame built by the Busara Carpentry group.I got to meet five young men who started the Busara Carpentry group. These guys really left an impression on me.

Busara was established in 2010 after each member completed a carpentry course with World Vision. These courses are offered to teenagers who couldn’t complete school as they took care of their families due to the loss of a parent. Although so hard to understand for me, this is something quite common in the area where many people are affected by HIV and Aids.

Aside from making beds and other furniture to order, the group is giving back to their community by teaching other free of charge.

The lads told me about how their income allowed them to build stonewall houses and provide for their families. One of them even managed to organise solar power for some electricity!

They are still facing challenges particularly around getting the right tools but are about to register as a company which will give them better legal status, access to formal bank accounts and other benefits.

I feel really honoured that I got to meet Violet, Edina, Veronica and the Busara Carpentry guys and that they shared their stories with me.

Still thinking about how much they achieved with so little to start off with – amazing!



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