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A letter from Uganda May 26, 2015

Getting a letter from my sponsored child is one of the most rewarding and amazing things about child sponsorship. There's just something special about seeing that letter in between the pile of bills and take-away menus.

A letter from Ireland May 23, 2015

Rebecca thinks she might be sick she's so excited.  Never in her life has anyone handed her an envelope. There's a letter from Mrs Anne Brennan, telling Rebecca that they think of her in hot dusty Kenya every evening when it's bedtime and that Rebecca should always remember that there are people who care about her. 

Motherhood in difficult places May 21, 2015

Mothers in the most difficult parts of the world need help to have healthy pregnancies and healthy children. Read what it was like for Felistus in Zambia to give birth to her twin boys by candlelight at an understaffed and under-supplied clinic, and how World Vision maternal and child health programmes are bringing help and hope to mothers in communities around the world.

What does a letter mean to your sponsored child? May 18, 2015

Have you ever wondered if it matters to your sponsored child if you write to them or not? Well it does, it means everything to them. Watch our video from Bolivia on what it means to a sponsored child to receive your letters.


This 12-Year-Old Girl Plans For A Better Future in Nepal. May 16, 2015

12-year-old Girl Muskan has great plans for her school when it is rebuilt after the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25th 2015. She wants a safer, cleaner place for her and her friends to learn. 

The Heart of A Mother May 14, 2015

World Vision's Annila Harris shares her journey after the first earthquake hit Nepal on April 25th. On her trip she met many mothers who shared their wisdom and love with her. In the midst of the disaster, Annila found the true heart of a mother.


My Little Boys World Is No Longer Safe May 13, 2015

Sunjuli's son’s life changed on the 25th of April when an earthquake sent his world crumbling down. He now lives in a scary place with no security. The constant aftershocks remind him that he is no longer safe and we can only imagine how yesterday's second earthquake affected him. Read Sunji's honest account, as a mother, about how the earthquake in Nepal has affected her little boy.

Gender Equality – One Struggle That’s Far From Over May 11, 2015

It’s 2015 and people are still treated differently based on gender. Of the1.3 billion people worldwide living in poverty - 70% are women and girls.

Runa Stands Up From the Ruins May 02, 2015

In the village of Lalitpur, only few houses remain standing. Mounds of bricks and dirt from collapsed buildings and houses are everywhere. One of those houses that turned into piles of rubbish was the house of Runa.

When losing your house means losing everything May 01, 2015

Kaanchi and her husband are very worried about their three boys. The family have been sleeping under a make shift tent for the past four days now. Their house has been reduced to rubble and they could not save or retrieve any of their belongings. 

A failing grade on education for children affected by the Syria Crisis May 01, 2015

At only 10-years of age, Edo is a sole provider. He lost his childhood overnight when militants robbed him of his father, killing him in his hometown of Sinjar, in Iraq’s Ninewah province, in August, 2014.

A State of Helplessness April 29, 2015

Kumar was travelling away from his village in Nepal, when the deadly earthquake struck. Now he is separated from his village and family, as the country struggles to recover.

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