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Waiting for relief July 28, 2015

Even before the earthquake, cocooned in the majestic mountains canopying Sindhuli, Apsara’s community, the Majhis an indigenous group, lived a life of extreme hardship. With abject poverty a daily reality, Apsara’s family faces the effects of residing in a secluded province.

Rebuilding: Women return water to their village July 25, 2015

The families from Majuwa village had barely recovered from the impact of the 7.9 April 25 earthquake that hit Nepal when a new earthquake struck on May 12. The earthquake also damaged the water pipelines and they couldn't be fixed.

We Have Hope July 22, 2015

Since the cessation of hostilities between the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and the Government of Uganda in 2006, it has been difficult for the kidnapped women, and the children we gave birth to in the bush, to return to a normal life. Angela Atim began Watye Ki Gen in June 2012 as a project to work with female returnees.

Why we need to put refugee children first July 19, 2015

So far in 2015, UNHCR estimates 25,000 people have sailed across the Andaman Sea, clinging to hope that they might be able to have a better life.

Nivesh: Terrified by the Journey to the River July 16, 2015

Collecting dirty water multiple times per day doesn’t just keep 11-year-old Nivesh out of school with an aching neck; it makes her fear for her own safety.

Every Drop Counts July 13, 2015

The issue with clean water is not about scarcity - it is about access.

I’m happy and healthy. I have clean water July 08, 2015

Before World Vision came to their village, Neema had to get up early every morning to fetch water by walking down a very steep hill covered with spiny shrubs, to a dirty swamp. Read how things have changed

Access to Clean Water Would Have Saved Wise, 5, From Drowning July 06, 2015

Francis lost his cousin and best friend, Wise, 10 years ago when Wise drowned while the boys gathered water from an open, dirty hole. Francis and Wise’s mother mourn how the boy’s death could have been avoided — if they had had access to clean water.

Ellen’s Story July 02, 2015

Ellen is the mother of three children, including two-year-old Lerina. Ellen practiced World Vision’s 7/11 technique during her pregnancy and first year with Lerina and has seen first-hand the benefits of following these health initiatives.

Dreaming of a New Home June 28, 2015

10-year-old Priti was sitting at home watching cartoons with her family when the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th. She could feel the earth shaking beneath her and, along with her mother, Purneswori, she ran downstairs. 

Our mother died because she ran too slowly June 25, 2015

Our team recently travelled to South Sudan, where they met a family of four siblings, orphaned and displaced by war. Read their story.

Fathers are worth more than a card and a necktie June 23, 2015

Meet Moses Kityo, a hardworking father of seven, who used a micro loan to build a better life for his family and community. 

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