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World Vision helps to Combat Cholera in Flooded Areas January 25, 2015

Flooding in Malawi has tragically claimed the lives of more than 100 people, and left thousands more homeless. World Vision has on-going programmes in many of the flood-hit areas and is working to support children and their families who have been impacted.

Bangladeshi teen avoids early marriage and stays in school January 23, 2015

Recently, Suborna’s father arranged a husband for her. The family couldn’t afford to keep her in school. But the girl soon became involved with World Vision’s child sponsorship program and received support. 

Floods open doors to girls getting an education January 21, 2015

After devastating floods in Pakistan, World Vision established a ‘tented classroom’  in one of the organisation’s Child Friendly Spaces (CFS).  For many girls and women this was their first contact with formal education and it marked the beginning of many changes in the community’s thinking. 

Girls in school - and not getting married January 19, 2015

Getting girls educated is a huge challenge in the cattle-rearing village of Twoichiil, a Fulani village with 35 households, 15 kms from Barkeol District in the rural Assaba Region. 

Shattered School, but not Shattered Dreams January 16, 2015

“It’s good to be back in our school for our graduation.  It is sad to see how it looked after the typhoon but we’re happy that we can still march here today”. World Vision has been working hand in hand with the Typhoon-hit community of Estancia

Education is our right: was resonating in villages of Sindh January 14, 2015

World Vision Pakistan, under its education project, “My Teacher is my role Model” organised a series of awareness walks, in 20 villages of the Sukkur District.

How a Water Well Helps Open the Door to Education January 12, 2015

We know that access to clean water can help improve the overall health of an entire community. But how does it help children -- particularly girls -- to stay in school and receive an education?

Q&A with an [almost] child bride January 09, 2015

Shapla in Bangladesh was devastated when her parents arranged a marriage that would force her to drop out of school. But thanks to World Vision, when Shapla told her friends about her situation, they knew what to do.

A Girl’s Journey from Brick Factory Worker to Outstanding Student January 07, 2015

A brick factory is no place for an 11-year-old girl. But each day, Keota would spend hours stacking heavy bricks in a dusty, dangerous workplace to supplement her parents' meagre income.

Educate a Girl, Change the world January 05, 2015

Education is the key to unlocking access to economic opportunity and other life-giving resources for millions around the world. 

“Spilling-The-Beans” - AfroPop Music Video on Healthy Eating December 19, 2014

Rwanda’s top musicians promote beans, a nutritious food that improves children’s and women’s health! 

Schools Should be Havens for Children, who Deserve Peace and Protection December 17, 2014

Any attack on children is sickening, but in places where they should most expect to be safe – homes, schools, places of worship – it’s particularly heartbreaking.

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