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Ellen’s Story July 02, 2015

Ellen is the mother of three children, including two-year-old Lerina. Ellen practiced World Vision’s 7/11 technique during her pregnancy and first year with Lerina and has seen first-hand the benefits of following these health initiatives.

Dreaming of a New Home June 28, 2015

10-year-old Priti was sitting at home watching cartoons with her family when the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th. She could feel the earth shaking beneath her and, along with her mother, Purneswori, she ran downstairs. 

Our mother died because she ran too slowly June 25, 2015

Our team recently travelled to South Sudan, where they met a family of four siblings, orphaned and displaced by war. Read their story.

Fathers are worth more than a card and a necktie June 23, 2015

Meet Moses Kityo, a hardworking father of seven, who used a micro loan to build a better life for his family and community. 

Protection through pierced ears in Uganda June 22, 2015

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. Meet 3-year-old Sharon, whose ear piercing may actually protect her. Read how a World Vision-supported Amber Alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken from their homes.

The power of a grandmother’s love June 19, 2015

Elizabeth in Zambia is the matriarch of her family. But this grandmother's primary role isn't only to love and dote on them … she's their provider. And for the past few years, she has struggled. Through a variety of World Vision programs, Elizabeth can now show her love to her family through food, education, health, and a life transformed out of poverty!

A Wish for Qamar June 18, 2015

For the last two years Qamar’s family have been living in Jordan, after they escaped the fighting in Syria. Their first stop was Za’atari Refugee Camp, before moving on to two other houses, and finally settling in their current building, where six of them are trying to adjust to a new life.

Claris Shines June 17, 2015

When World Vision staff member Kari Costanza met 6-year-old Claris in Zambia last August, she met a very sad, tired little girl. Her weary mother told Kari, "She has to fetch water. She's a girl." But recently, Claris's community received the dream of clean water for the first time — and Claris began to shine! See her now…

Rubina Smiles June 12, 2015

Little Rubina survived the traumatic experience of being caught beneath the rubble during the devastating Nepal Earthquake. She smiles because her family, along with 886 other households received shelter kits, household kits, and hygiene kits at the World Vision relief distribution camp in Sindhupalchowk.

Hugh Jackman’s Coffee and Tea Company Empowering Small Farmers June 11, 2015

After working with Dukale on his farm, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman realised that he and Dukale could help each other. Casting their superficial differences aside and coming together as two human beings with one idea, they went into the coffee business together.

Ebola survivor brings dignity to child burial June 09, 2015

Maseray Kamara knows Ebola's toll firsthand. The virus took her husband and sister during its rampage through Sierra Leone. Ebola struck her as well, but she survived.

Ebola Crisis: World Vision burial team wins humanitarian award June 07, 2015

Grace Kargbo, a World Vision Sierra Leone burial team manager, accepted the Bond International Humanitarian Award in London on Monday, June 1st, on behalf of her colleague Maseray Kamara and more than 800 other burial workers as well as the World Vision-led aid consortium that trained and equipped them.

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