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Leading the way in our quest for a million

28 February 2013

Most of our sponsors will have received a letter from me this week with our tax back forms. We send these out every year and are really grateful for the additional income that the Revenue Commissioner’s tax back scheme offers.

One Million Euro – if everyone joins in

We all knew that this would be a though year – not just for us but for all our sponsors too. There was a bright spark though when we realised that if every single person eligible for the tax back scheme returned their forms we could raise an additional One Million Euro!

This is such an exciting prospect in times that are so hard on many. I couldn’t help myself, I had to be the first one in to return her tax form. And I was delighted to see that I barely made it. Already forms are being returned and the daily mountain of post is rising.

What we could achieve

We are committed to our Area Development Programmes (ADP) and all the people who live within them. The donations we receive through the Tax Back Scheme will help us bridge gaps and keep going on vital projects that may otherwise be affected by cuts. These could be education projects, health centres, support for business start-ups or water pumps in your sponsored child’s area.

The best call I could make

The best phone call I think I could ever make, would be to my colleagues in Africa; to our 11 ADP Managers, who work so hard and say: “We did it! Each of our supporters returned their tax forms and we have an additional One Million Euro to spend!”

One Million Euro for free

I hope you help me make this call – simply complete and return your tax form to us in the freepost envelope we provided in the mailing as soon as you can.

The Tax Back Scheme doesn’t require any additional information from you, just your details on the form, your signature and date.

If you have any queries, my colleagues in the Supporter Care Team would be delighted to help. Just give them a call on 01-4980800. Or visit our dedicated Tax Back page on our website that has a list of the most frequently asked questions ready for you.

Thank you for being part of a million!


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