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Water a Flower Day May 30, 2016

While many small, rural farmers in Tanzania are engaged in sunflower growing, they face a number of constraints that prevent them from taking advantage of this situation. Low access to quality seed and limited knowledge of modern production techniques keep yields low.

El Nino has brought drought to their land so children in Lesotho sell stones to survive May 28, 2016

Food insecurity worsens as the impact of El Nino deepens in Lesotho, a country of close to 2 million in Southern Africa. To survive, many of its children are resorting to begging on the streets, or for two teenage boys Leteba and Pule, selling stones so they can buy food.

World Vision Hospital Ward returns dignity for many women May 23, 2016

Hodan’s confidence, experiences and personality make her a fiery spokesperson for suffering women two and three times her age. She mesmerised an audience of dignitaries - including the minister of health

Top 4 things children need to grow up healthy May 19, 2016

Here are the top 4 things that all children need from an early age to ensure they grow up healthy.

Coffee’s Hidden Kick: Labour exploitation in the global coffee community May 12, 2016

Would you enjoy your morning cuppa as much if you knew it may have arrived through exploitative labour practices? You may spend €3.00 on a cup of coffee, but coffee growers may receive as little as three cents. Often, this is not enough to support them or their families

5 years on, War in Syria, children, and the refugee crisis May 10, 2016

More than 2 million children have now fled Syria. More than twice that number are still there, many under direct threat of violence.  

Cash-based programming to address hunger in conflict-affected South Sudan: A case study May 09, 2016

For some time aid agencies and donors have recognised the benefits of utilising markets to deliver food assistance. And for almost as long, cash-based programming has been effective in doing this by improving people’s ability to purchase sufficient nutritious food

Amani Lazaro describes the limitations of how he and his community used to farm. May 08, 2016

Amani was among the young farmers supported by World Vision to form commercially focused groups of producers to learn improved farming techniques. 

Healthy and Strong May 05, 2016

Nothing shapes a child’s future more powerfully than his or her health. Good health in early childhood, especially in the first 1,000 days from conception to their second birthday, is the foundation of a child’s wellbeing.

Let’s hatch a plan! May 04, 2016

We are working to improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious foods  to support a nutrient rich diet by promoting home production of micronutrient rich food sources.

Two-year-old with spinal TB walks again… May 01, 2016

Children are particularly vulnerable to TB because they often have weaker immune systems and it is more difficult to diagnose the disease in children. Hudson was lucky his mother took him to the Daru hospital 

Come Please Drink Water April 28, 2016

In a school in Salyakot Village Development Committee, Dhading district a temporary learning center now serves as a school for 65 students. Rebuilt a month after the earthquake, it has now replaced the damaged school which lies in ruins.

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