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23 July 2014 | In

World Vision calls for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

World Vision are deeply concerned about the recent escalation of violence in Israel and the Palestinian Occupied Territories which resulted in the deaths of children on both sides of the conflict. Since then, the conflict has only continued to intensify. World Vision calls on the all Governments throughout the world to immediately respond to this violence and to do all that is possible to facilitate an immediate ceasefire.



09 July 2014 | In News

Aid effort to avert South Sudan famine in jeopardy

A group of seven major international aid agencies said they face a shortfall of excess of $92m/£53m just when the South Sudan humanitarian crisis edges closer to the risk of famine. Speaking out on the 3rd anniversary of the country’s independence they warned their aid efforts to help hundreds of thousands of people caught up in the conflict was under threat due to a lack of funds.


04 June 2014 | In News

Roz Purcell Jordan Trip - Metro Herald story - June - 4th

Metro Herald story - June - 4th. Clean water should never be taken for granted, something that model and World Vision ambassador Roz Purcell discovered on her recent trip to Jordan.


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