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“Spilling-The-Beans” - AfroPop Music Video on Healthy Eating December 19, 2014

Rwanda’s top musicians promote beans, a nutritious food that improves children’s and women’s health! 

Schools Should be Havens for Children, who Deserve Peace and Protection December 17, 2014

Any attack on children is sickening, but in places where they should most expect to be safe – homes, schools, places of worship – it’s particularly heartbreaking.

Christmas at my Home, a Story by Little Erisjana December 17, 2014

Erisjana, 9, is a sweet girl who loves Christmas very much. Every year, she waits impatiently for it to come so she can celebrate. She thinks Christmas is magic bring joy and presents to all children. 

Ethiopia famine, 30 years later: Alerting the world to a humanitarian emergency December 17, 2014

It is 30 years since a BBC news report turned the world’s attention to the plight of famine-stricken Ethiopians. World Vision catches up with the pilots who helped them get that footage. 

Building Sustainable Sunflower Oil Processing in Mundemu ADP December 15, 2014

World Vision, with the support of Electric Aid, supported the Mundemu Youth Group with trainings and a sunflower processing machine. This has allowed the many sunflower producers in the community to process their product locally rather than selling the seeds

School Garden in Sanzawa ADP December 12, 2014

Motto Primary School in Sanzawa ADP has long emphasised “self-reliance” as a virtue, in a region of Tanzania that faces frequent food insecurity.

A Cow Named Gift December 10, 2014

Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP. 

World Vision has restored my confidence December 08, 2014

 Hassan Mohummad was among poor farmer-households identified and assisted by World Vision to participate in the environmental restoration activities two years ago.

Clean water for everyone in more than 2000 villages December 05, 2014

This month, World Vision Water announced a major accomplishment and something of a miracle: this year, we’ve provided clean drinking water to every man, woman, and child in 2,416 villages in Africa! 

World Vision Calls on Men to Stand up and Put an End on Violence Against Women in Ghana December 04, 2014

One in every three women is affected by family violence in Ghana and the situation is getting worse. That is why World Vision took to the streets to demand a change during the 16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence which is taking place from the 25th until the 10th of December.  

Plastic tarps protect against wind and rain but not against cold December 03, 2014

“It’s been very cold,” says Misreh, 30, who lives under stitched pieces of plastic sheeting with 15 others in her family. Displaced Iraqis need  winterisation assistance.

No gas, no money, and a harsh winter on the way December 01, 2014

More than 600,000 displaced Iraqis are in desperate need of winter assistance as temperatures continue to drop, and the mountainous region of Kurdish-controlled Iraq receives its first snows. 


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