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Clean Water Makes Tiya Safer August 27, 2015

Yeshi Ayele and her six children now have clean water thanks to generous donations to World Vision. Along with the rest of the Tiya community, they no longer have to walk for hours for their water. 

A safe place for children living in a brothel August 24, 2015

In Bangladesh, Sonali and her sister live at the Hat Khola brothel with their mother. During the day, Sonali attends a World Vision Child-friendly Space where she plays, draws, and dances. It’s a safe place in a dangerous world.

12-Years-Old and Homeless: Sonia’s Story August 21, 2015

Meet Sonia, she’s 12 and lives in Burundi, Africa. Her greatest wish is to have a pen and notepad and to go to school. But sadly, Sonia’s never been to school. She spends most of her days trying to earn something to eat – and many days she goes hungry. 

Interview with Graham Davison, inspirational Irish Humanitarian August 18, 2015

On World Humanitarian Day we are shining the spotlight on an inspirational Irish humanitarian who has managed many humanitarian crisis responses across the world - World Vision Ireland Head of Programmes, Graham Davison

The Boat People: Rice for My Mother August 17, 2015

World Vision sent an assessment team to the asylum-seeker shelters in Aceh to meet with boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh in June 2015. Here’s what we found.

Searching for dignity - children with disabilities in Kenya August 13, 2015

Government statistics indicate that just 67 percent of children with disabilities receive a primary education in Kenya, and only 19 percent complete secondary school. Schools lack walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, special toys, braille books, and other special learning aids.

Reading and thriving August 10, 2015

Since receiving new school books, 10-year-old Chimwemwe and her friends have found a new love of reading, and what's more, Chimwemwe has gone straight to the top of the class. A World Vision Literacy Boost programme is helping her to reach her potential by providing her community in Malawi with the resources needed for children to thrive.

Hard Lessons Shape a Better Future August 06, 2015

The new benchmark in development thinking is resilience, which is as simple as the dictionary definition, i.e. the ability to spring back into shape, to recover from difficulties. It gets complex because no two contexts are exactly the same and the factors to be weighed in program planning are manifold.

Aid worker’s diary: There’s more work to be done August 03, 2015

I saw the ground moving like waves. The rumbling sounded like thunder, followed by screams of people. The buildings and houses started to collapse. It was like watching a movie. Even now, remembering that scenario still scares me.

Education programming in South Sudan keeps children’s dreams alive July 31, 2015

Since the outbreak of conflict in South Sudan in late 2013 an estimated 400,000 children have been unable to continue their education and subsequently forced to drop out. This is the story of one of these children.

Waiting for relief July 28, 2015

Even before the earthquake, cocooned in the majestic mountains canopying Sindhuli, Apsara’s community, the Majhis an indigenous group, lived a life of extreme hardship. With abject poverty a daily reality, Apsara’s family faces the effects of residing in a secluded province.

Rebuilding: Women return water to their village July 25, 2015

The families from Majuwa village had barely recovered from the impact of the 7.9 April 25 earthquake that hit Nepal when a new earthquake struck on May 12. The earthquake also damaged the water pipelines and they couldn't be fixed.

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