About us

Everything we do is about one thing and one thing only:

Supporting the wellbeing of children

World Vision Ireland is a child-centred overseas aid agency. We are proud to be part of World Vision International,
the largest privately funded NGO in the world. We provide clean water, quality education, and improved
healthcare and sanitation to over 120 million children, across nearly 100 countries worldwide.



Our Bold New Strategy

At World Vision Ireland, we understand that the face of poverty is changing. We see the success of our work in the millions of children we help move out of absolute poverty towards better, more independent lives, full of promise and possibilities. We’re committed to our aim of brining extreme poverty to an end by 2030, but this will happen only if this progress reaches the children still struggling in difficult places around the world. Our strategy is a promise to vulnerable children, to help them out of extreme poverty.



Our Promise






Our history

In 1947 Robert Pierce came face to face with an abandoned child while on a trip to China. Deeply affected by the poverty and suffering he witnessed, meeting this little girl was a turning point for him.

On returning back to the United States, he knew more people had to be involved for a long-term solution and broader impact, and so in 1950 he founded World Vision International.



Our Senior Leadership Team



Staff member

Niall McLoughlin,
Chief Executive

staff member

Danny Curran,
Fundraising Director

Staff Member

Clodagh Collier,
Operations and Finance Director

staff member

Fiona O’Malley 
Communications Director 

Staff Member

Maurice Sadlier,
Programmes Director



Our Board of Directors



Kristin Quinn (Chair)

Robert Saunders

Tara Doyle

Fr. Bob Whiteside

Frank Dunne

Grenville Hopkinson

Fiona MacLeod

Adrienne Prendergast





Governance Structure


As a charity, World Vision Ireland has no shareholders. Our Board members are supporters of the organisation, believe in its mission and vision and are prepared to get involved on a voluntary basis to support the organisation.

Our senior management team supports the Board in the achievement of its objectives and are accountable to the Board.

The Board of World Vision Ireland is a skills-based Board. The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategy of World Vision Ireland, approving budgets, major policies, monitoring performance, reviewing and ensuring management proposals are actioned.





Annual reports



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