Childhood Rescue

South Sudan

Nearly 800 children die every day from dirty water. Could you give €25 to save lives and transform futures?

You’ve already changed the lives of so many children across the world. By supporting our Childhood Rescue campaign, you could bring hope and lasting change to whole communities with clean water that will transform lives and let children fulfil their potential.

Across the world, millions of children walk miles every day to collect water – water that isn’t clean and is often contaminated. Always thirsty and tired, sometimes scared about who they might meet on the long journey, children miss out on school and the chance of a proper childhood.

You can help bring clean water to vulnerable communities – and change lives for good.

The weather was scorching hot in Juba. One can only wonder how people can endure the heat. People would pitch beds fitted with mosquito nets outside due to the oppressive weather. “Everyone suffers with the heat nowadays”, says 11-year old Diana. She can only think of one solution -- water.

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Diana frequently washes her hands to avoid the coronavirus.
Berta teaches children proper handwashing to keep them safe.
Berta teaches children proper handwashing to keep them safe.

“I am glad that people who come for check-up and treatment in the nutrition site are provided with clean drinking water, I do not have to run home for a drink”, she adds. Bertha, a 40-year old mother agreed with Diana.

“My 3-year old daughter Blessing Joy knows she has to keep hydrated to be healthy, and that dirty water can make her sick”, she shares. Nutrition Coordinator Komakech Ronald Mandela who supervises 15 World Vision nutrition sites in Juba, South Sudan’s capital, says, “Clean water is important in our sites. Apart from drinking, it is mixed with sugar for children with severe acute malnutrition for energy while waiting for their turn to be checked.” Mandela adds, “At this time, we need water for thorough handwashing, which has become more important when the pandemic happened, and also maintain cleanliness and hygiene. At least 40-50 people are served by our supply of clean water in the sites every day. Every World Vision nutrition site is supplied every two weeks with two 5,000-liter water tanks each.

Bertha said that most of the time, water was able to hold her family from hunger. “Due to many factors, not everyone can feed their family. I make my children drink water if there was no food, until I find them something to eat”, she says.

Bertha gives youngest son 1-year old Morris a drink.
Bertha gives youngest son 1-year old Morris a drink.
WV’s nutrition assistant Santo fills up the water containers.
WV’s nutrition assistant Santo fills up the water containers.

“There is nothing we can do without water. Water is life”, Bertha concluded. Now, imagine the people outside of Juba who have to walk for hours to haul water that is not even clean for drinking? World Vision’s water, sanitation and hygiene initiatives have reached out to over 600,000 people in the country.

As part of the COVID-19 prevention campaign, 77 schools were supported with hand-washing facilities. You’re helping us reach someone new with clean water every 10 seconds. But we need your help today to reach even more children in desperate need. You’re already helping to change children’s lives.

Your support protects children living in some of the toughest places on earth. And by donating in the past, your generosity extended to reach even more vulnerable children – thank you. But for children like Diana, the current situation means that we need to ask for your help again.

Your support today could empower a whole community. From the installation of boreholes and pumps to community water taps, your gift will cause a ripple effect, helping to transform the lives of families and children for generations to come.

Your gift will help children around the world. Whatever you can afford will make a big difference. To donate, simply return your completed donation form, visit or call 01 498 0800.