It takes a world to end violence against children

Violence Against Children

Violence against children is a worldwide problem that has devastating, long-term effects. Violence often significantly harms children’s health,
keeps them from school or social participation, and restricts them from realising their potential as adults.



Eliminating violence against children

Protecting children from violence in all its forms is challenging, urgent, and complex, but agencies and organisations working in child protection continue to work together to share understanding and knowledge of what works in reducing or ending risks of violence.

We here at World Vision are doing what we can to work in line with the Sustainable Development Goals for eliminating violence against children, and we have a number of interventions and a set of strategies that can effectively reduce and eradicate this problem.





Children are the Future - It takes a world





1.7 billion children are affected by some type of violence each year.






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We believe that a world without violence against children is possible.