Irish Aid Support to World Vision

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Irish Aid

In 2019 we received support from Irish Aid, the official overseas development programme of the Irish government, as follows: Programme Grant funding (€1,719,463), Humanitarian Programme Plan (€1,971,737 ) and Emergency Response Funds Scheme €375,000).


Programme Grants

The Access Infant and Maternal (AIM) Health Plus programme is a five-year programme implemented in 4 countries in sub-Saharan Africa: Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Mauritania and Uganda. Implemented in conjunction with local Ministries of Health, the Programme delivers a package of interventions for pregnant women and children under the age of two.


Humanitarian Programme Plan

Implemented in Syria, Somalia, Sudan and South Sudan, the Programme focuses on building the resilience of women and children in protracted crises through increased access to education and protection services. The programme has a range of interventions including teacher trainings, construction and rehabilitation of learning and safe spaces, provision of income generating activities, awareness raising sessions, child protection and Gender Based Violence (GBV) case management and referral.


Emergency Response Funds Scheme

In 2019 we supported 3 emergency responses with our ERFS funding, these included child protection services for children displaced by the Venezuelan Migrant Crisis; emergency health services for internally displaced people in Idlib North West Syria and cash transfers for vulnerable community members in Somalia following a drought.


Irish Aid is the Irish Government’s overseas development programme, as funded by the Irish taxpayer – you can find out more about Irish Aid at

A Better World, Ireland’s policy for international development can be found here