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Financial Accountability

We aim to be the most transparent charity in Ireland

WVIre accounts

Some of our supporters wonder how exactly their donations are spent. Fair questions are asked like: “Wasn’t there a rumour that 90% of donations to charity are spent on admin?” “This card is surely expensive to make?” “Why would they send me marketing stuff at all?” “You send me a hardcopy and then an email – that’s costing more money!”

Click the year below or if you would prefer a copy by post, please call our Supporter Care Team on 01 498 0800. Previous years are also available on request. 

  • World Vision Ireland is a registered Irish charity (Number: 6434/20011796) and files its audited accounts each year with the Registrar of Companies. This allows the public full access to company accounts at any time.
  • Our Company Office Registration Number is 93645 and our office is registered at The Mews, Garland House, Rathmines Park, Rathmines, Dublin 6.
  • World Vision Ireland is grateful to receive funding for our work from Irish Aid. 
  • World Vision Ireland is fully compliant with the Irish Development NGOs Code of Corporate Governance. Good governance ensures an organisation is effectively and properly run and meets the needs for which the organisation was set up.  It is a vital part of how Development NGOs operate and are held accountable.