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World Vision Ireland Impact Report 2023

World Vision Ireland Impact Report 2023

In one year alone, we supported over 370,000 children.

With thanks to support we receive from the general public and institutional donors, World Vision Ireland’s work has been making an enormous impact. 

In 2023 alone, we directly reached over 370,000 vulnerable children across 22 countries. In addition to that we reached a further 390,000 women and men. 

Despite the global challenges posed by climate change, conflicts, and escalating hunger and malnutrition, we remained committed to child well-being. Our initiatives focused on addressing the most pressing needs in health, nutrition, education, resilience and livelihoods, as well as child protection and participation. The ongoing conflicts in Sudan, Ukraine, Gaza and other regions had far-reaching consequences impacting children worldwide. Nevertheless, we continued to advocate for change at local, regional, and global levels, adapting our programming to meet evolving needs. Amid rising demands for aid across all operational areas, our long-term development efforts persisted, supported by insights gained from our experiences and the communities we serve.

This report is a summary of our endeavours throughout the year, highlighting both our development programmes and emergency responses. It includes case studies to exemplify our approach and showcase the impact of our work on the ground.

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