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Dignity | A Liam Cunningham Exhibition

About the Exhibition

In May 2018 Game of Thrones star, Liam Cunningham, travelled to South Sudan with World Vision to meet with and raise awareness for people forced to flee their homes due to civil war. While there he captured a rare glimpse of life for those surviving so far away from home. 

These are his photographs. These are their stories.

World Vision is now giving you the opportunity to see these photos on display and learn all about our Irish Aid funded work in South Sudan


Where can I see it?

You can see the photos Liam took on display for free in the Powerscourt Shopping Centre Dublin until Sunday, February 3rd 2018.

Liam South Sudan

South Sudan

Liam visits a Child Friendly Space in South Sudan



Liam describes one of his powerful photos from the exhibition.

About Child Friendly Spaces

One of World Vision’s key interventions in places like South Sudan is the establishment of Child Friendly Spaces and Early Childhood Development Centres. These spaces provide children with an escape from the terrors they have been exposed to as a result of conflict and food shortages. During his visit, Liam visited and took photos of these places.

These spaces provide children with a safe place to play, to participate in activities and to access education. Trained volunteer teachers and animators provide support to help children cope with their experiences – providing a positive environment, monitoring their behaviour and running a variety of activities that help them process emotions and re-establish positive social relationships. These spaces focus on the physical and psychological recovery of the child, to ensure that no child is left behind. Most importantly, Child Friendly Spaces allow children to be kids again – to laugh and play and learn, just like other children all over the world.