Liam Cunningham

On the 6th of May Liam Cunningham travelled with World Vision to Northern Uganda to meet South Sudanese refugees crossing the border into Uganda which is now the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world. To date there are over 898,000 refugees in the West Nile region who have had to flee the conflict. This number is growing by over 2000 refugees daily.  86% of the refugees that have crossed over are women and children. 

During Liam Cunnimngham’s time in Uganda he visited our programmes Bidi Bidi and Imvepi settlement camps and met with the refugees that now call it home.

Bidi Bidi & Imvepi Settlement Camps


World Vision Response to the South Sudan Refugee Crisis in Uganda

  • Distributing food to all refugees in Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Yumbe (Bidi Bidi) and Moyo districts.
  • Constructing 26 child-friendly spaces in Yumbe ( Bidi Bidi) and Adjumani districts. This with funding from UNICEF and UNHCR.
  • Contributing to the empowerment of refugee and host communities through vocational skilling in Adjumani.
  • Intervening in the promotion of sanitation and hygiene plus constructing bore halls, latrines and creating refugee-water management committees.
  • Distributing core relief items to refugees in Yumbe (Bidi Bidi)
  • Preparing hot meals for all refugees in Yumbe (Bidi Bidi)and Imvepi.
  • Managing World Food Programme food warehouses
  • Distributing cash  to refugees in Adjumani and Koboko
  • Conducting case management and identification of separated children and unaccompanied minors
  • Rolling out livelihoods and environmental preservation project to primarily preserve trees in Imvepi settlement and also boost productivity in agriculture.

Funded by Irish Aid, World Vision is providing toilet and bathing facilities for South Sudanese refugees in BidiBidi. 


How you can help:

Your support will make a difference. Please help the refugees of South Sudan

Share your voice and concern for the South Sudanese worldwide crisis by signing our petition. 

We are asking the people of Ireland to sign our petition asking World leaders to prioritise the refugees of South Sudan who are in urgent need of humanitarian aid

Current Situation in South Sudan 

Since the recent escalation of the violence in South Sudan reports indicate continued general insecurity in South Sudan, limited access to food and basic services, violence, rape and abuse of women and girls, arbitrary detention and indiscriminate killing and destruction of property by armed forces as reasons for fleeing their homes in South Sudan. 

Food, shelter, water, education and health care are the most urgent needs among the South Sudanese refugees

More than 181,000 refugees arrived during the first 3 months in 2017 in Uganda, bringing the latest numbers of new South Sudanese arrivals who are reportedly fleeing the country, to 894,950 in Uganda. 

181,000 South Sudan new arrivals since the 1st of January  2017

58% of South Sudan refugees and asylum seekers are children

The number of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda in likely to surpass a million by mid 2017.

Both, UN and the Government of Uganda, have recently expressed their concerns over the deteriorating situation during a public appeal for more support. The delayed onset of rains in West Nile have led to a delay in farming activities among refugees. Those who arrived in April are unlikely to cultivate, having arrived too late to prepare land which will only greatly add to the problems for the South Sudanese refugees.