Nepal Earthquake three years on

The Nepal Earthquake

Three years on

Three years after the devastating earthquakes struck Nepal affecting the lives of eight million people with death and destruction, World Vision continues to stand with survivors as they build back their lives in the face of the challenges that remain.

More than 573,688 people in 10 worst-hit districts of Nepal have benefitted from World Vision's interventions since the earthquake.


Three years after the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal causing widespread damage affecting the lives of millions, World Vision's partner NGOs have reached out to 573,688 people with education, child protection, health, livelihoods, WASH, cash, shelter and infrastructure interventions in 10 of the most affected districts. This April World Vision's partner NGOs are successfully phasing out all the projects activities in the earthquake-affected districts.

Education: Ignoring the scorching sun, students play volleyball with much fervor at Kalika Devi Higher Secondary School in Kubinde, Sindhupalchowk District. The smell of the paint is still fresh in the three-storey school building that has been reconstructed after the earthquake. Painted in bright yellow and red, the school now wears a new look. To date World Vision has supported renovation/construction of 14 school buildings including WASH facilities Photo Credit: Ankush Chalise

Livelihoods: Bishnu is glad he no longer needs to worry about his future. Earlier, he was having difficulty saving money from his earnings in Kathmandu. However, after he received an excavator operation training with support from World Vision in Nuwakot District he has found a job as an excavator operator and he is currently saving NRs 12,000 a month. He intends to rebuild his home soon which was damaged but the earthquake. Photo Credit: Ramesh Bhandari

Shelter and Infrastructure: The 2015 earthquake ruined Jit Bahadur's house in Sindhupalchowk District beyond recognition and his family had to reside in a temporary shelter made out of just iron sheets. Now, his family has received all three tranches of money worth NRs 300,000 through World Vision as provisioned by the National Reconstruction Authority. At present, the building is complete, with only the installation of doors and windows remaining. The Majhi family of 12 is excited to move into this house, back to a safe refuge, away from the worry of the threat of disaster. Photo Credit: Nissi Thapa

Health: Children from Phulpingkot, Sindhupalchowk seem happy after a newly constructed health post was handed over to their earthquake affected community. To date World Vision has supported repair/construction of 12 health posts in earthquake affected districts. Photo Credit: Barun Bajracharya

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene: Construction of a water supply system in Palungtaar, Gorkha District has made a big difference in the lives of community members. Now, they are easily fetching clean drinking water without having to walk for hours to reach the well which was the only source of water after the earthquake damaged their earlier water system. Realising the need for easier access to water in this locality, which was more critical after the earthquake, World Vision constructed a water supply system with 47 household taps in this community, benefiting the affected families. Photo Credit: Barun Bajracharya

Cash: Tika is only 17, but shoulders the responsibility of a younger brother and herself after her mother left them alone following the death of her father. World Vision provided cash assistance to support vulnerable people like Tika after the 2015 earthquake. Photo Credit: Blair Millar

Child Protection: Ganga (left) is discussing about child protection with her schoolmates. "Child marriage is one of the major social problems in my community and we strive to end it with different awareness programmes. When we hear about any child marriage being planned in our community, we try to prevent it through dialogues with the child and their family. We have received child rights training from World Vision and we are aware about what is right and wrong," says Ganga (15). Photo Credit: Ankush Chalise