Child Sponsorship Works

Changing a child’s life in a positive and meaningful way, starts by changing their environment. When a child is sponsored, we combine all the sponsorships in that region to fund programmes that help create sustainability, improve healthcare and sanitation, and support continued education. Your sponsored child benefits from all of these improvements in the community, and reaps the rewards for many years, until the entire community is self-sufficient.

How Child Sponsorship Works

How Sponsorship Works

World Vision Ireland is a fantastic organisation who help many people across the globe. Their dedicated staff and donors provide much-needed support to those less fortunate.
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What Your Sponsorship Provides

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Why World Vision? 

World Vision is the largest privately funded overseas aid and development organisation in the world. We've got 50,000 staff and volunteers in 100 countries across the world. Our size and geography means we are ideally placed to be the first to respond to crisis and emergency situations so we can lay the foundations for rebuilding and getting those affected back to normal. 

Where does the money go? 

The money you give goes to help children and their communities in the Area Development Programme where your sponsored child lives. This will cover things like providing access to clean water, healthcare, education, nutrition, livelihoods and advocacy. 

What do I get?

Not only do you get to make a massive difference to your sponsored child's life and the lives of their family and friends but you also get regular updates on how your child is doing, a photo of your sponsored child to put on your fridge, a postcard to send to your child so you can start your amazing adventure and lots of other awesome stuff to keep you updated on your sponsored child's progress.

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How Sponsorship works

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