Share a special message with a Syrian child

This year we've all been moved by tragic scenes of children caught up in conflict.
Send a special message to a Syrian child in Turkey that has had to leave their home and show them they are not forgotten.

When we asked Syrian children in Turkey what message they would like to send to Irish children they told us:

"We hope the children in Ireland don't suffer the same way we did. WE hope they don't have to leave their homes like we had to".
We promised them that we would ask the Irish people to send a message back.

By sending this card you are letting a child know they are not alone and your donation will help provide trauma counselling, protect a girl from early marriage or provide a child with a safe place to sleep.
The Children in Emergencies donation will be used to fund our work in the communities we support. This could be child protection, education, healthcare, agriculture or many other ways.

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Type in your greeting for the child.
  • Attach a photo or scanned image you have on your computer if you wish.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • We will print out your message and image and send a personalised card to a refugee child for you.