Children in Emergencies

Hope for children living in dangerous places

In a moment, Owa changed from boy to soldier

Fighting as a young boy in a violent conflict, Owa was forced to witness and do things that no child should. Despite his painful beginning, Owa is beginning his journey to recovery and hope.

In places where danger is rife; without choice or warning, life can change in a moment. We can help people through their distress when we stand together.

What We are Doing

With your support, we are on the ground providing:

  • Food and clean water
  • Child-Friendly Spaces for children to learn and play
  • Medical, health and hygiene support
  • Vocational training and livelihood programmes

World Vision in the Field

Liam Cunningham, Game of Thrones star, visited one of our Child-Friendly Spaces in Jordan; watch this video to gain insight into a Child-Friendly Space.

Liam Cunningham Jordan Video

Liam Cunningham visits Jordan


Despite her treacherous journey from Syria to Azraq Camp in Jordan, Shaima is blossoming.

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Fleeing from conflict in South Sudan, Doruka, her siblings and grandmother walked for a month to Uganda, where she is thriving and being a child again.

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Abducted by an armed group and forced to fight in a violent war as a child: Owa is released and overcoming his trauma through World Vision’s rehabilitation programme.

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