Job vacancies

Job Vacancies

Terms of Reference for SAUTI-Youth Digital Interface Development

World Vision Ireland, Youth Work Ireland Galway and World Vision Tanzania are collaborating on an EU funded programme ‘SAUTI-Youth’ – Sustainable Accountability Uniting Tanzanian and Irish Youth. World Vision Ireland is seeking a Software Development Consultant or Firm to develop a youth-friendly digital app for the World Vision Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) Methodology.


SAUTI-Youth Programme Background

Goal of project

The overall goal of SAUTI-Youth is to have empowered youth monitoring, engaging and influencing local government on climate action.


SAUTI-Youth is based on World Vision’s CVA (Citizen Voice and Action) model. CVA is a social accountability methodology which helps communities engage directly with government service providers to improve the quality of service they deliver at a community level. CVA equips communities with simple tools to enable to engage in constructive dialogue with their government and agree on ways of improving services.

Through the SAUTI-Youth project, Youth Groups in both Ireland and Tanzania will be trained in and will employ the CVA methodology in their communities. Their work will focus on climate commitments made by district/county level authorities in particular, but with engagement at national level where relevant. Climate issues and action will be presented from Northern and Southern perspectives, looking at what unifies them through the youth lens.


Digital App Development 

A key component of the project will be the development of a youth-friendly digital app to support the work of the Youth CVA groups in monitoring and tracking local government commitments on climate action. The App should allow the CVA groups to track their progress in implementing the CVA methodology as well as creating a space for dialogue and shared learnings between the groups established by the project.

A prototype Digital App has already been created through the project and the coding for this prototype will be made available for the consultant to work with if needed.

The prototype application currently features:

  • A user management system, enabling the creation of User and Group Profiles.
  • The capability for a user/group to upload simple, user-friendly versions of World Vision CVA templates
  • The capability for a group to create simple reports within the platform based on user-defined criteria.
  • A messaging platform which allows for digital discussion, collaboration, learning between individual youth groups, both in country and between the youth groups.

(Developed using NodeJS, React, React Native, Firebase and Expo)



The overall objective of the next phase of software development is to build upon the prototype app with specific identified improvements, and to integrate the developed app with the existing World Vision CVA technical database and AU-EU Youth Hub reporting API.



The expected outputs of the Software Development work are:

1. Inception report

Upon the review of digital app prototype coding and an initial discussion with SAUTI-Youth programme management, the inception report will describe the design process that will be used to undertake the development of the App, elaborate on the scope of work proposed in the agreed TOR with changes as required, detail the work plan for the completion of the project, indicating the phases in the digital app design, key deliverables and milestones.

2. Finalised SAUTI-Youth Digital App including the following features

  • A user management system allowing both Individual user profiles and Group Profiles to be created within the App. The user management system should have several level of access rights to upload CVA templates/make changes within each group. The app will require a minimum of 1000 individual user profiles and 48 Group Spaces.
  • Development of an intuitive user interface and inclusion of SAUTI-Youth partner logos and templates (logos, community scorecard, user profiles etc.)   
  • The capability for a user/group to upload simple, user-friendly versions of existing World Vision CVA templates to the Group space.
  • The capability for a group to generate simple reports within the platform based on user-defined inputs from the uploaded CVA templates.
  • The development of a Community Scorecard section within each Group – A section that allows individual users to upload text-based suggestions for government action to be seen by other users within the group. Individual users should be able to upvote/downvote the suggestions, ranking them in real time and to make comments for discussion. The Scorecard section should also have an feedback function allowing individual users to provide anonymised feedback to programme management.
  • A messaging feature within the App to allow for discussion between individual users within each group.
  • A forum within the App which allows for the exchange of information between Groups through blog posts/video uploads/document upload/weblinks etc.
  • The App should enable English/Swahili language change functionality.
  • The App should be developed to include both online and offline functionality.
  • The App should be compiled into a mobile-based (Android) application freely accessible and downloadable and in Google play store.
  • The SAUTI-Youth project will pilot the App with intended end-users during the product development. A Youth Group will be given the opportunity to assess and provide feedback on the App design which should inform further product development. The dates for the piloting session will be agreed between Programme management and the Software consultant.

3. Integration of Digital App with World Vision CVA technical database

  • Technical integration of SAUTI-Youth App and World Vision CVA technical database systems to allow for data transfer between both systems.
  • Ensure EU data protection and privacy requirements are met.

4. Integration with AU-EU Youth Hub reporting/visualization platform/APIs

  • The AU-EU Youth Hub Digital Cluster will define a lightweight API for ingesting relevant project progress data to be visualized in the AU Youth Hub platform/website. The app should ensure compatibility with said platform as per discussions with the SAUTI-Youth/AU-EU team.


Timeline of the Project

The expected timeline for completion of the App development is 13th February 2021. It is intended that the product development cycle should also include a piloting session in Q4 of 2020 where the App will be trialled with intended end-users. The dates for the piloting session can be will be agreed between Programme Management and the Software consultant once project timelines are set.


Consultant Requirements

  1. Previous experience of software design including the development of digital databases and mobile applications
  2. Previous experience with NGO sector or development context would be an advantage
  3. Academic Background in Computer science, software engineering or similar subjects. Candidates with relevant post-graduate qualifications are preferred.
  4. Experience with Agile development methodologies.
  5. Experience developing/integrating with 3rd party (RESTful) APIs.


Proposal Requirements

Please submit the following documents to by 25th September 2020.

  • Technical Proposal detailing the approach and methodology to developing the App to the above requirements
  • Financial Proposal based on a 5 month project timeframe.
  • Qualifications/Academic background of Software Consultant/Project
  • Details of previous experience in software design/agile development methodologies/experience of developing and integrating 3rd party (RESTful) APIs of Software Consultant/Project team.