Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Fruit seeds grow into healthy food to feed families. These small grains have an optimised drought resistance capability, making them ideal in areas like Eastern Africa that don’t have regular rain – A practical and efficient gift donation that could empower a community.

Price: 5.00 €

Fruit Trees

Fruit Trees

Healthy food for schools and families

Other gifts

Educate a Girl

There are 774 million illiterate people in the world and girls makeup two-thirds of those. By giving a girl the gift of an education, you can change that! Studies show that when a woman is educated, both she and her children lead better, healthier lives.

Super Goat

Goats can change everything. Their milk provides great protein to help children grow. The family can also sell any extra to earn money for medicines and other necessities. The gift of a super goat is an amazing way to invest in a family’s future.


Sometimes miracles come with feathers. Chickens and their eggs are a beautiful gift of nutritious food for a hungry family. They are easy to breed–so your gift can grow and multiply to create income, share with neighbours, and ultimately make a better life for the whole village.

School Supplies

Many children can’t afford basic school materials and can struggle to learn without them. By donating the gift of school stationery, you will provide pens, pencils and exercise books for children eager to learn. Education is vitally important for benefitting a child's future.