Child Poverty

As part of our commitment to the Global Goals, we are striving

to end extreme poverty by 2030.

Poverty isn’t just about having little income. Poverty means lack of essential services. It means limited access to necessary goods.
It means struggling to meet basic needs. 



Breaking cycles of poverty

The consequences of extreme poverty are far-reaching and long-lasting, and can have a devastating impact. Poverty is a complex web of circumstances that, at best, significantly reduced the quality of a person’s life, and at worst, hinders the very survival of people around the world. 








45% child mortality rate

Out of all the children who die before they reach the age of five, 45% of deaths could have been prevented by proper nutrition.



805 million people

Almost one person in nine doesn’t have access to enough food. That means almost 805 million people are starving.



€1.70 living cost per day

In Ireland, €1.70 wouldn't even get you a cup of tea, but for those living in extreme poverty, €1.70 is their daily income.






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When you donate to World Vision, you help children ,
their family community out of poverty.





Every 60 seconds, a family receives the tools to overcome poverty






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