The largest humanitarian crisis since World War II

We are asking world leaders to prioritise vulnerable children, especially refugee children who have arrived in Europe alone.

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More than 43 million people worldwide are now forcibly displaced as a result of conflict and persecution and more than 41% of them are children. Many of whom are alone and vulnerable.

Over 10,000 refugee children have disappeared since arriving in Europe. They are vulnerable to all sorts of abuse, including forced child labour and sex trafficking.

It is the responsibility of European leaders to prioritise these children who are in desperate need of protection.

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We are calling on the Irish government and other world leaders to make real commitments and to treat this heartbreaking situation with the urgency it needs.

World Vision is asking the government to urgently accelerate the process of welcoming refugees to Ireland and to prioritise unaccompanied children. These children have been through unimaginable trauma and are alone. We must play a part in taking care of them.

World leaders, we cannot ignore children forced to flee their homes.