Ajambo and Baby Sanyu

In 2018, we met Ajambo, a soon-to-be mum of two in Lunyo, Uganda. Since then she delivered a healthy baby girl! We were delighted to check in recently with Ajambo and her baby, Sanyu, who are both doing very well.

By then, Sanyu, whose name means ‘happiness’ was a joyful and healthy seven-month-old. She even walks on her own! Although she had a mild cold at the time of our visit, Sanyu’s vaccinations, medication and nutritious diet allowed her a quick recovery. She received her vitamin A supplement on her first birthday for an extra immunity boost.

After the advice of Adikini, the family’s Community Health Worker, Ajambo knows exactly what to feed her baby to keep her well: breastmilk and complementary semi-solid foods such as mashed potatoes, porridge, rice, fruits and home-grown vegetables. She is also swift to take her family members to the clinic whenever they are ill, something which Adikini has stressed the importance of doing.

Ajambo’s husband is a great financial support to his family which enables Ajambo to buy a necessary range of food to maintain a balanced diet.

We’re looking forward to seeing Sanyu grow even stronger and healthier! With Adikini, Ajambo and her dad’s support, Sanyu is set to be just that.

*Adikini is a Community Health Worker trained through our maternal and child health programme, AIM Health Plus. Operating in Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritania and Sierra Leone, World Vision Ireland supports and trains Community Health Workers to empower pregnant and new mothers with important health and nutrition knowledge.

AIM Health is funded generously by Irish Aid and the people of Ireland. Thank you for enabling a difference to be made to the lives of many including Ajambo and Sanyu’s.

Sanyu Walking