Celebrating turning five in Sierra Leone

April 30, 2018

Yankuba is a five year old in Imperi, Sierra Leone, who loves to play football with his friends and roll tyres at home after school.

Yankuba is in first class at school, where he plays and eats with his two best friends every day. His favourite subject is English and he hopes to become a teacher when he grows up.

Aminata, Yankuba’s mother, was supported by a Community Health Worker who visited her regularly during her pregnancy and up until Yankuba reached two years of age. During these visits the Community Health Worker advised Aminata on many things including nutrition during pregnancy and to seek care when her child showed signs of illness. Thanks to this advice Yankuba was breastfed as a baby and was taken to the health facility for treatment whenever he was ill.



(Yankuba playing with a tyre after school)


Aminata and her family also benefitted by joining a community savings group, which received training and support from World Vision. By joining this group Aminata has been able to save regularly and take out flexible, low interest loans. She is now able to buy school uniforms and books for her children and pay for their school fees.


Aminata says that without the savings group and the training provided by World Vision she would not have been able to afford to send Yankuba and her other children to school.




(Yankuba and his family) 

(Yankuba, age 5)

Thank you for making such a difference to Yankuba’s and his mum’s life. 5.6 million children did not make it to their fifth birthday in 2016. Most of them died from preventable causes such as birth complications, pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. Yankuba has received pre and postnatal health care, continued health support and eats nutritious food thanks to World Vision Ireland’s programmes. His mum has also accessed a community savings group, which means that Yankuba and his siblings are able to go to school every day! All of this has played such an important role in helping him survive and thrive to age five! Without your generous donations and Irish Aid grants, funded by the tax payer, Yankuba’s chances of a healthy life could have been very different.

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