Coming together to improve harvests in Tanzania

October 05, 2018

A key focus of World Vision’s work is supporting households to increase and diversify the crops they produce. This means farming in ways that are appropriate to the climate, which harness and protect the natural resources upon which their livelihoods depend. 

In Sanzawa Area Development Programme, World Vision has been supporting communities to use resources available to them for income generation. This has resulted in an increased number of farmers growing onions and maize for both consumption and as an income generating activity. Due to prolonged drought in the area, investment in irrigation by the community has been prioritised for successful harvests. 

With support from World Vision, communities of Porobanguma, Kurio and Motto have been working to install irrigation systems for year round irrigation and to improve crop yield. Below, community members are digging trenches to transfer water to crops in Motto.

While, farmers are preparing to install pipes for irrigation in a garden in Kurio. 

In addition, water throughs for cattle were also constructed in Kurio. 

The results have been promising. Sixty community members were supported to undertake onion farming in Sanzawa and were linked in with village agricultural extension officers to provide additional support. The group of 60 farmers cultivated 12 acres of onions, and had a harvest of 25 tonnes this year. 

(Harvested onions at Kurio village, Sanzawa)

In addition to training on sustainable agriculture, farmers were supported to set up Village Savings and Loans Associations. Twenty-four of these groups were set up in 2018. This allows famers to make investments into their farms. They are able to access loans for quality seeds, fertilizer, post harvesting equipment and this has led to improved quantity and quality of produce. What’s more, households have enough food to feed their families, can plan for and meet essential costs and deal with unexpected events without getting into debt. 

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