Emmanuel could be President of Tanzania some day!

April 30, 2018

This is Emmanuel. He is five years old. His mum thinks he could be the President of Tanzania some day but he wants to be a doctor.  He lives in Mundemu, Tanzania

Emmanuel has had malaria and typhoid in his short life but thanks to World Vision support, as a result of your donations, he received life saving treatment and is fighting fit today!

He was born safely and his mum exclusively breastfed him for six months and then fed him nutritious food as he got older, following advice of World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme.

Like many little boys he loves to play football, but unlike some kids in Ireland his favourite food is stiff porridge!

Thank you for making such a difference to Emmanuel’s and his mum’s life. 5.6 million children did not make it to their fifth birthday in 2016. Most of them died from preventable causes such as birth complications, pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. Emmanuel has received pre and postnatal health care, continued health support and eats nutritious food thanks to World Vision Ireland’s programmes. All of this has played such an important role in helping him survive and thrive to age five!  Without your generous donations and Irish Aid grants, funded by the tax payer, Emmanuel’s chances of a healthy life could have been very different.


How You Can Help

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