Excited to start school in Mauritania

May 01, 2018

(Oumar, age 5)

This smiling boy is Oumar. He is five years old and lives in M’bagne in Mauritania. He has a large family with seven brothers and sisters, and enjoys playing football with his friend Hassan.

Oumar was born in the Bagodine health centre, thanks to the community ambulance provided through World Vision’s Maternal and Child Health Programme: AIM Health. Oumar’s mum notes the major difference that this programme has made to the community. Through the support and advice of Community Health Workers trained through the programme, mothers like her deliver in the health centre. They can now tell when their children are ill, and when they need to take them to the health centre for treatment. Before, people would not visit the health centre and took different herbs and plants to treat their child’s illness which often made the child more ill.

(Oumar (right) with his mother and siblings)

Oumar’s mum says that their lives and the lives of their children have really been changed through the support provided by World Vision. Like most little boys, Oumar is looking forward to starting in the new school that has opened in the village when he is old enough, and his mother hopes that he will go on to discover the world!

Thank you for your support in making this possible - without your generous donations and Irish Aid grants, funded by the tax payer, Oumar’s chances of a healthy life could have been very different. 

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