Fighting Hunger in Uganda

October 05, 2018

William is a farmer in Lulonda village, a community supported by World Vision Ireland’s long-term Area Development Programme (ADP) in Lunyo, Uganda. He lives here with his family; his wife and six children. Like other farmers in Lunyo, William had been struggling to provide enough food year round to feed his family. 

Despite having fertile land, farmers like William lacked skills and knowledge in modern farming techniques limiting their yields. Reduced rain fall and increased dry spells due to climate change have further impacted on crop yields, making it difficult to produce enough food for families. 

World Vision have been working to improve the resilience and food security of communities in Lunyo ADP through supporting farmers to increase and diversify the crops they produce. This means farming in ways that are appropriate to the climate and which harness and protect the natural resources upon which their livelihoods depend.

In Lunyo, farmers like William have been trained in topic such as planting improved seed varieties, irrigation techniques and post harvesting techniques. 

After receiving training, William  is now planting his maize and beans using improved seeds and mulching to reduce soil erosion and restore fertility.

(William monitoring his maize (left) and his beans (right))

(Storing beans after harvest)

(William and his family packing maize after harvest)

After attending the World Vision training, William had an increased harvest. From the profits, he was able to pay the school fees for his children. 

William, who never went to school himself, is proud to be able to send his children to school, “I can now produce enough food for my family to feed on and even sell some to pay school fees for my children”.


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