Meet Ajambo

Meet Ajambo

soon to be mother of two from Uganda

Ajambo (Right) lives in Lunyo, Uganda and is nine months pregnant with her second child. 

Ajambo has been receiving a lot of support from her Community Health Worker, or as they are known as in Uganda, Village Health Teams (VHTs). Her VHT, Adikini, was trained on Timed and Targeted Counselling (ttC) through World Vision Ireland’s Maternal and Child Health programme, AIM Health and has since been visiting Ajambo in her home, providing her with support, guidance and advice at critical times. This has included nutritional advice and tips on how to be prepared for delivery.

Adikini encouraged Ajambo to create a simple family garden to grow iron-rich, green vegetables, which are simple for her to grow and manage. The garden has meant that her family are able to eat nutritiously every day.


More recently Adikini has been checking in with Ajambo to see whether she received all the services that she should have during her last antenatal care visit and whether she has prepared everything she might need for delivery at the health facility. Adikini encouraged Ajambo to prepare early for her delivery and helped her to come up with a birth plan, which has allowed Ajambo to feel confident that all will go well. 

Ajambo is looking forward to delivering a healthy baby!

World Vision Ireland’s maternal and child health programme is funded by Irish Aid, the Irish government’s overseas development programme.