Meet Anna

Meet Anna

a mother of five being empowered through World Vision’s health programme

Anna is a poultry farmer and mother of five living in Mundemu, Tanzania. Her youngest child was born just a few weeks ago on February 1st and her name is Ester – after Anna’s grandmother.

Anna is a mother who has been empowered to take ownership of her health and the health of her children through World Vision Ireland’s maternal and child health programme, AIM Health. 

Her Community Health Worker, Ester, was trained on Timed and Targeted Counselling (ttC) through AIM Health and has been visiting Anna in her home, providing her with support, guidance and advice at critical times. Ester counselled Anna to deliver at a health facility, as well as providing her with key information she should know before and after pregnancy to ensure that Anna and her baby remain healthy. 

When the time came to deliver, Anna took on board the advice that her Community Health Worker provided and went to her local health facility. This ended up being potentially life-saving as due to some complications, Anna was referred to the regional hospital in Dodoma. However, we were so delighted to hear all was well in the end and Anna had a normal and safe delivery, giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Anna is so proud to have another baby girl and over the next couple of months she will nurture and care for Ester, ensuring that she has a happy, healthy daughter.

  World Vision Ireland’s maternal and child health programme is funded by Irish Aid, the Irish government’s overseas development programme.