meet hannah

Meet Hannah | Future Doctor

Meet Hannah, she lives in Imperi, in Sierra Leone.

She is in first class and loves arts & crafts. Like most five-year-olds,  her favourite thing to do is have fun!

She loves to eat rice and cassava leaf and hopes that she will become a doctor when she is older.

Through World Vision’s Maternal and Child Health Programme Hannah’s mother, Adama, was visited regularly by a Community Health Worker when she was pregnant. During these visits, she was provided with advice on nutrition, the importance of going for check-ups and making sure she was prepared for delivery.

The visits didn’t stop at pregnancy, the Community Health Worker visited Adama until Hannah was two years old ensuring her mother knew all about best practices in caring for her childlike breastfeeding Hannah and bringing her for routine vaccinations. 

Thanks to these visits and other community developments World Vision has supported, like a health centre and solar power water system, Hannah is now a thriving five-year-old.

Thank you for your support in making this possible - without your generous donations and Irish Aid grants, funded by the taxpayer, Hannah’s chances of a healthy life could have been very different.