Meet Mery, a new mother in Tanzania

July 27, 2018

Today, I would like to introduce you to Mery, a new mum from Mundemu ADP, in Tanzania. Mery has been receiving support from World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Plus Programme* since she became pregnant late last year. She has been linked with a Community Health Worker, named Rozza, who has been visiting Mery at key times during her pregnancy to counsel her on important health issues, such as eating a balanced diet, attending antenatal checkups and delivering her baby safely in a health centre.

Through the AIM Health Plus Programme, Rozza and over 100 other Community Health Workers, have received training in Mundemu ADP on World Vision’s Timed and Targeted Counselling model. This training equips the Community Health Workers – who are local volunteers -  to visit pregnant women and mothers in their villages and provide them with timely health advice during their pregnancy and up to the time the child reaches two years of age.

From left to right: Mery’s mother, Mery, and CHW Rozza

Thanks to Rozza’s advice and support, Mery began attending her antenatal visits during the early stages of her pregnancy. These visits helped to educate Mery about the various danger signs that she could encounter during her pregnancy and the importance of visiting the health centre should such signs occur. She also learned about the benefits of a balanced diet, with emphasis on the importance of nutrient rich foods such as rice, beans, meats, and vegetables during her pregnancy and after.

Mery’s mum with CHW, Rozza, collecting leafy green vegetables from the garden. Mery’s family have a vegetable garden, which has been providing her with adequate nutrition during her pregnancy.

Mery and baby Emanuel

Mery was very fortunate that she was receiving this guidance and support, as she experienced serious complications during the birth of her baby. She was referred to Dodoma Regional Hospital  to deliver through emergency surgery and thankfully on May 23rd of this year, she delivered a healthy baby boy. She named him Emanuel after her father.

Mery is very excited to be a mother.  She plans to continue breastfeeding until her baby is six months old and attend regular clinical checkups for vaccinations and growth monitoring. She will also continue to receive visits from Rozza, who will advise her on things like complimentary feeding once her baby gets older, preventing illnesses such as malaria and pneumonia and seeking health care should such illnesses occur.

Mery has big dreams for her son! She hopes that he will attend school and become a health worker some day and possibly even help pregnant women in need of emergency surgery, like her.


We wish them the very best!   


* The AIM Health Plus Programme is funded by Irish Aid, the Irish government’s overseas development programme.

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