Gift is Standing and Walking

We recently visited mum, Asyepet, in Busitema, Uganda, to see how her beautiful baby girl, Gift, is getting on. When Gift was just a year old, she was walking, standing and even tried running! With a melting smile that appears often and dancing moves influenced by her parents’ love of dance; her murmurs of ‘mama’ and ‘tata’ are another sign that she is developing into a smart little girl.

Asyepet is a beneficiary of our Irish Aid funded maternal and child health programme, AIM Health Plus. Throughout her pregnancy and following birth, Asyepet received crucial support and health advice from her Community Health Worker on the importance of breastfeeding and which local nutritious foods to feed her family. AIM Health Plus trains Community Health Workers to bring pregnant and new mothers vital nutrition and health messages to keep both mum and baby healthy throughout pregnancy, delivery and the child’s first five years of life.

As Gift played on a mat placed on a clean floor, it was clear that Asyepet had taken on the hygiene advice of her Community Health Worker. Asyepet was also happy to say that Gift has now received the required vaccinations to keep her healthy and protected from some illnesses.

With support from her husband and Community Health Worker, Asyepet is so looking forward to having her first conversation with her thriving little girl!

AIM Health Plus is funded by Irish Aid, the Irish government’s overseas development programme. This work would not be possible without the people of Ireland’s support. Thank you.