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Meet Sarah, the Midwife March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere. Midwife at the Lunyo Health Centre III in Busia District, Uganda , Sarah Naguku is the mother of two boys (8 and 4). The afternoon we met her, she had left them with her own mother so she could come to work.

Meet Angella and Deborah, World Vision Uganda Staff March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere. I have seen how courteous, respectful and understanding were both Angella and Deborah were with the respective communities in Busitema and Lunyo they work with. Mothers trusted them and loved them.

Meet the Mums of Busitema March 16, 2017

Strong women are everywhere.  “Knowledge is power” they say. The afternoon spent in Busitema, in the Busia District was enough to see that not only knowledge is power, but that knowledge is saving lives.