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Sponsorship a solid foundation for building a brighter future January 12, 2017

While child sponsorship supports the child’s whole community and not just the child it also gives you the chance to develop a relationship with your sponsored child through letters, progress reports and even community visits. 

From despair at night to hope in the morning December 28, 2015

In Cambodia, where trafficking is common, see how education, food security, and improved economic opportunities are helping children and families know their rights and avoid being taken advantage of.

From Struggle to Strength December 03, 2015

We spoke to 17 year old Srey courageous young girl who was forced to work within the sex industry when her family fell upon hard times but has since managed to turn her life around.

Carrying the Burden: Srey’s story October 05, 2015

There are 168 million child labourers worldwide, Srey is one of them and is involved in the worst forms of child labour – like manufacturing. It’s backbreaking labour and it’s not meant for a 13-year-old girl.

Former sponsored child passes the torch of learning March 10, 2015

A former sponsored child ignites a love for education among her young students. A former sponsored child who now teaches in northeast Cambodia, Phally wants her students to participate — for their hands to spring up in excitement when she asks a question.