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A life I can’t imagine for my son June 12, 2017

"Here in Canada, we know the importance of protecting children, so they have a chance to be children. But in many parts of the world, a child would already be working 12-hour shifts through pain, exhaustion, and abuse."

El Nino has brought drought to their land so children in Lesotho sell stones to survive May 28, 2016

Food insecurity worsens as the impact of El Nino deepens in Lesotho, a country of close to 2 million in Southern Africa. To survive, many of its children are resorting to begging on the streets, or for two teenage boys Leteba and Pule, selling stones so they can buy food.

Coffee’s Hidden Kick: Labour exploitation in the global coffee community May 12, 2016

Would you enjoy your morning cuppa as much if you knew it may have arrived through exploitative labour practices? You may spend €3.00 on a cup of coffee, but coffee growers may receive as little as three cents. Often, this is not enough to support them or their families

New legislation brings child soldiers back to their families March 19, 2016

For former child soldiers like Naung being enlisted in the army meant being taken away from his education. After failing his exams Naung had no other option and was opened up to the terrifying life of a soldier at a young age. Thanks to World Vision he is now back with his family and friends. Read his story.

Rescued from a life of servitude November 05, 2015

Sonite 14, was once forced to work as a servant in her godmother's house. She never thought she would see the inside of a classroom again.

15-Year-old Girl Weaves Herself a Future October 26, 2015

15 year old, Serkalem Bihon, so desperately wanted to have an education that she used every scrap of paper she could find to make her own notebook for school. 

Carrying the Burden: Srey’s story October 05, 2015

There are 168 million child labourers worldwide, Srey is one of them and is involved in the worst forms of child labour – like manufacturing. It’s backbreaking labour and it’s not meant for a 13-year-old girl.

A Day I Will Never Forget September 21, 2015

Mona, a World Vision Lebanon volunteer, experiences first-hand the terrible working conditions many Syrian refugees are forced to work in to eke out a living having fled their homes.

Education or bread August 31, 2015

Two 14 year old boys and a heartbreaking choice between eating or going to school, survival  or success.

The Children who Have Forgotten the Words April 10, 2015

World Vision's Dominica Leonard travelled to the Middle East to meet Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Here she tells the story of three young children who stole her heart in the midst of a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Let’s Reset the bar on Chocolate April 04, 2015

Happy Easter! Have you ever wondered where does your Easter chocolate come from and how it is produced? This Easter, let’s raise the bar on how it is produced and sourced.