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A former child soldier forced to hide the past from her children October 27, 2016

Parents are hard-wired to protect their children. We baby-proof our homes and do all we can to keep little ones away from danger as they grow up.

But what if violence and fear are at the core of your child’s early years; how do you protect your child from their own past?

World Vision made them feel safe again June 04, 2016

The LRA was famous for two things: the deliberate use of child soldiers and the level of brutality it exposed them to. Children were forced to mutilate other members of the group on demand by rebel leaders as a show of power.  World Vision’s Children of War centre in Gulu, Northern Uganda is a place where these children ge get over their trauma. It gives them a home and becomes the family they lost.

New legislation brings child soldiers back to their families March 19, 2016

For former child soldiers like Naung being enlisted in the army meant being taken away from his education. After failing his exams Naung had no other option and was opened up to the terrifying life of a soldier at a young age. Thanks to World Vision he is now back with his family and friends. Read his story.