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The AIM Health Programme – Bringing Joy to Kenya October 29, 2015

Learn all about how World Vision’s Maternal and Child health programme is saving children’s lives.

Working Together: The Key to Stopping Deadly Ebola Virus October 22, 2015

One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa, World Vision has hailed its collaborative work with Sierra Leone communities as being instrumental in averting the catastrophic spread of the virus.

“We want to learn – even during war” October 16, 2015

400,000 students drop out of school as humanitarian agencies cry out for better commitment to education in South Sudan. 

Changing the Odds in Sierra Leone October 08, 2015

Hawa was distraught having lost 2 babies due to birth complications so she turned to World Vision Health worker Alice for advice. Now her and new baby Lucy are happy and healthy.

Searing Heatwave Puts Children at Risk October 01, 2015

Close to a million children in Iraq refugee camps face severe water shortages as sandstorms and heatwave hit the Middle East.

We Will Smile Again - A Child’s Blog From Gaza September 29, 2015

Ten-year-old Rania lost her father when conflict exploded in the Gaza strip last summer now she’s getting back on her feet

A lifeline for Syrian families September 26, 2015

For most Syrian families seeking refuge in Lebanon, receiving food vouchers has been a lifeline.

A Day I Will Never Forget September 21, 2015

Mona, a World Vision Lebanon volunteer, experiences first-hand the terrible working conditions many Syrian refugees are forced to work in to eke out a living having fled their homes.

World Vision Responds to Myanmar floods September 02, 2015

Ravaging floodwaters sweep through houses, farmlands, bridges and roads as relentless monsoon rains continue in Myanmar and India.

Protection through pierced ears in Uganda June 22, 2015

In certain districts of Uganda, child sacrifice is a real danger. Meet 3-year-old Sharon, whose ear piercing may actually protect her. Read how a World Vision-supported Amber Alert program is helping to recover children that have been taken from their homes.

All Children Need to be Loved and Accepted June 01, 2015

9-year-old Badal is a special needs student. Having been ridiculed and made fun of growing up, he became shy and quiet. But he was finally able to live a normal life after going to a World Vision Centre. 

A sweet song for Syria April 14, 2015

Meet Laynour – she’s fun, feisty and five years old. She plays dolls with her sister, she fights over the doll with her sister, she loves being the centre of attention, and she has adorable pigtails and loves making people laugh.

The Children who Have Forgotten the Words April 10, 2015

World Vision's Dominica Leonard travelled to the Middle East to meet Iraqi and Syrian refugees. Here she tells the story of three young children who stole her heart in the midst of a refugee camp in Lebanon.

Education is the best hope for the future of Syrian children March 30, 2015

This month the conflict in Syria has entered its fifth year, and at times the numbers are overwhelming. More than 6.6 million children have been affected.  Over 1.6 million have fled Syria, and another 7.6 million are displaced within the country. I can’t help but think of each of these numbers as a name 

Meeting Jalel March 28, 2015

The crisis in Syria has been raging for four long years, leaving many families like Jalel’s in situations they never thought possible. The fighting has forced almost two million children – two million – out of Syria and away from stable lives.  Meet Jalel, one of these children.

Why Investing in Girls and Women is Essential to Fighting Poverty March 18, 2015

Around the world, women don’t have equal opportunities to men, are discriminated against and denied their basic rights. But we know that investing in girls leads to a brighter future for everyone.

Living in conflict: I know what it feels like March 16, 2015

Cecil Laguardia: "Over time, the players in the conflict have changed but the struggle continues. I have lived in a conflict zone for all 50 years of my life..."

Brave Syrian Mothers March 15, 2015

I am extremely lucky to work for World Vision Ireland and as part of this job I get to travel around the world and meet other mothers...
By Niamh Cooper - World Vision Ireland

10-year-old Girl Stands Up to Child Marriage. March 14, 2015

Only 10, Sanjida from Bangladesh is already credited with stopping one child marriage and educating dozens of other families in her community about the dangers of child marriage.

A Syrian Mother in Jordan March 14, 2015

Since fleeing Syria over two years ago, Um Abdel-Aziz has been living in Irbid, Jordan with with her, two girls: Hiam and Rawan, and three boys: Abdel-Aziz, Ahmad and Aboudeh.

Former sponsored child passes the torch of learning March 10, 2015

A former sponsored child ignites a love for education among her young students. A former sponsored child who now teaches in northeast Cambodia, Phally wants her students to participate — for their hands to spring up in excitement when she asks a question.

When hunger and poverty undermine education for children February 20, 2015

Sadly, in many parts of the world, food insecurity and poverty often keep children like 11-year-old Kham out of the classroom. Before World Vision helped his family, he’d often skip school to look for food or to avoid embarrassment caused by his dirty clothes.

Mother Sacrifices for Daughter January 29, 2015

A 41 year old woman died in Malawi’s Nsanje district after sacrificing her life to save her 12 year old daughter, Bertha from the raging floods.

Children in Zomba, Worried that Floods may Cause Hunger January 27, 2015

Children of Chingale community, Malawi, are worried that with most of their gardens washed away, there might be very little of even nothing to harvest, a thing which they believe will affect their education.

Education is our right: was resonating in villages of Sindh January 14, 2015

World Vision Pakistan, under its education project, “My Teacher is my role Model” organised a series of awareness walks, in 20 villages of the Sukkur District.

Schools Should be Havens for Children, who Deserve Peace and Protection December 17, 2014

Any attack on children is sickening, but in places where they should most expect to be safe – homes, schools, places of worship – it’s particularly heartbreaking.

Christmas at my Home, a Story by Little Erisjana December 17, 2014

Erisjana, 9, is a sweet girl who loves Christmas very much. Every year, she waits impatiently for it to come so she can celebrate. She thinks Christmas is magic bring joy and presents to all children. 

School Garden in Sanzawa ADP December 12, 2014

Motto Primary School in Sanzawa ADP has long emphasised “self-reliance” as a virtue, in a region of Tanzania that faces frequent food insecurity.

Plastic tarps protect against wind and rain but not against cold December 03, 2014

“It’s been very cold,” says Misreh, 30, who lives under stitched pieces of plastic sheeting with 15 others in her family. Displaced Iraqis need  winterisation assistance.

Overcoming Under-nutrition November 26, 2014

Under-nutrition can also occur in areas without food shortages, simply because parents are not aware of the right types of food to feed their children. World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme* is working hard to overcome this issue.