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Meet 8 future leaders of South Sudan July 06, 2017

“My aunt and I walked for seven days and along the road we saw blood and dead bodies,” says 12-year-old Blessing who is living as a refugee in northern Uganda. 

Life in a South Sudanese camp as an unaccompanied Internally Displaced Person May 09, 2017

Ayman waved his parents goodbye as the small boat left the shore and started floating down the river. Sitting on a wooden bench with his two younger brothers and younger sister, he wondered if he’d ever return.

A €3.70 meal for a taste of home April 20, 2017

For Mayssa, a Syrian mother displaced by conflict, the €3.70 dollars she rations for each meal is enough to give her three children a little taste of home. What would you be able to make with €3.70 per meal?

Fears and Dreams of Syria’s children and their peers around the world March 13, 2017

Fears and Dreams of Syria’s children and their peers around the world

Truth comes out from the children’s mouth November 22, 2016

Today, 65.3 million people are on the run in the world.  It’s 65.3 million people labelled as “refugees” “migrants”, “internally displaced”, “stateless”, or “asylum seekers” that are on the run.

One Month On - Children from Mosul describe life under ISIL November 17, 2016

One Month On - Children from Mosul describe life under ISIL

One month on: children from Mosul describe life under ISIL November 16, 2016

One month after forces launched the battle to re-take the city, more than 50,000 people have been displaced – almost half are children under 18.

Fleeing Mosul is the end of the beginning for homeless Iraqis November 16, 2016

Each day a steady stream of families arrive at Debaga camp, where they pick up the pieces and start again

Mary’s night of fear turns to peace – The story of a little girl’s journey from war to refuge October 28, 2016

The sound of the guns pierced through the pitch-black quiet of the South Sudanese night. Mary wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but she was terrified. South Sudan’s conflict had arrived in her village and the rebels were taking over. Screams, shots, and people running in all directions interrupted the eight-year-old girl’s sleep. It was chaos. As the rebels made their way through the village, killing everyone they came across, Mary and her family managed to flee, leaving all of their belongings behind. This is her story.

Children fleeing Mosul offensive find a safe place to play October 28, 2016

World Vision’s child protection staff are providing safe spaces for children in the newly constructed Zelican camp, just 15 miles northeast of Mosul, Iraq. The children and their families fled fighting in the military operation to retake Mosul.

Refugees and Migrants Summit 2016 September 16, 2016

Around the world, more than 50 million children have been forced to flee their homes because of war, poverty or persecution. Tell your leaders to make real promises and follow through. If there are refugees in your community, welcome them. Take time to teach them about your country.

I can go home, why can’t they? August 19, 2016

On World Humanitarian Day we want to celebrate all the hard work of Humanitarians around the world making a difference. Here is a blog from one of our own hard working Humanitarians on their recent visit to Lebanon’s Refugee Camp in the Bekka Valley