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Come Please Drink Water April 28, 2016

In a school in Salyakot Village Development Committee, Dhading district a temporary learning center now serves as a school for 65 students. Rebuilt a month after the earthquake, it has now replaced the damaged school which lies in ruins.

Too cold to get out of bed February 23, 2016

World Vision recently distributed winter kits to 23 families, including Mayan’s, in this and nearby unfinished buildings, and 967 families living in Shekan camp for internally displaced people. The kits contain warm blankets, plastic sheets, rope, a heater, carpet and mattresses.

Syrian Refugees want to start their lives again February 18, 2016

Fahad Tabuck, his wife and his 5 children fled their home in Syria 2 years ago. They have no home. At the moment they are seeking refuge in Adasevci in Serbia.

This is Not a Good Life February 15, 2016

World Vision’s Melany Markham talks openly about her experiences in South Sudan and how she longed to tell the stories of those caught up in the terrible conflict. 

How the humble radio helped educate children during the Ebola crisis February 13, 2016

In 2014 almost everything in Sierra Leone had to be shut down because of the Ebola epidemic. This included schools. Children had been severely impacted by the crisis and many of those who lost family members, now also risked losing out on education too.

World Vision, along with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, decided to make sure that children could still attend their lessons, at home, using a radio.

Will you be my friend? January 25, 2016

After a natural disaster, children are amongst the most vulnerable victims. At such times, all they need is a good friend. World Vision's Child-Friendly Spaces aim to be just that.

Year in Review January 19, 2016

Before we start a brand new year, it’s important that we look back at 2015, a very emotional one.

In 2016, World Vision and our supporters will continue to make a real difference in the world. So let’s reflect on the year passed and learn.

The Silent but Lethal Crisis Looming December 17, 2015

While the world’s attention has been focussed on the escalating conflict in Syria, another humanitarian crisis is silently unfolding which threatens the lives of an even greater number of people across the globe.

Harvy Draws His Way to Recovery November 26, 2015

Separated from his parents 8 year old Harvy is in constant fear of losing his only other family after experiencing the horrific Typhoon Haiyan.

My Baby is my Source of Strength October 25, 2015

On the 6 month anniversary of the Nepal earthquake, World Vision speaks to Nepalese mothers caring for their newborns and coping with life after the devastating earthquake. 

Thakur: Building community resilience after the quake October 24, 2015

The powerful earthquakes have devastated many districts in Nepal. More than 8,000 people were killed and thousands of others have been left injured. In Gorkha district, where the epicentre of the first earthquake hit, majority of the houses were destroyed. For thousands of survivors the future remains uncertain.

Working Together: The Key to Stopping Deadly Ebola Virus October 22, 2015

One year since the worst Ebola outbreak was declared across West Africa, World Vision has hailed its collaborative work with Sierra Leone communities as being instrumental in averting the catastrophic spread of the virus.

Searing Heatwave Puts Children at Risk October 01, 2015

Close to a million children in Iraq refugee camps face severe water shortages as sandstorms and heatwave hit the Middle East.

World Vision Responds to Myanmar floods September 02, 2015

Ravaging floodwaters sweep through houses, farmlands, bridges and roads as relentless monsoon rains continue in Myanmar and India.

Aid worker’s diary: There’s more work to be done August 03, 2015

I saw the ground moving like waves. The rumbling sounded like thunder, followed by screams of people. The buildings and houses started to collapse. It was like watching a movie. Even now, remembering that scenario still scares me.

Waiting for Relief July 28, 2015

Even before the earthquake, cocooned in the majestic mountains canopying Sindhuli, Apsara’s community, the Majhis an indigenous group, lived a life of extreme hardship. With abject poverty a daily reality, Apsara’s family faces the effects of residing in a secluded province.

Rebuilding: Women return water to their village July 25, 2015

The families from Majuwa village had barely recovered from the impact of the 7.9 April 25 earthquake that hit Nepal when a new earthquake struck on May 12. The earthquake also damaged the water pipelines and they couldn't be fixed.

Dreaming of a New Home June 28, 2015

10-year-old Priti was sitting at home watching cartoons with her family when the earthquake struck Nepal on April 25th. She could feel the earth shaking beneath her and, along with her mother, Purneswori, she ran downstairs. 

Rubina Smiles June 12, 2015

Little Rubina survived the traumatic experience of being caught beneath the rubble during the devastating Nepal Earthquake. She smiles because her family, along with 886 other households received shelter kits, household kits, and hygiene kits at the World Vision relief distribution camp in Sindhupalchowk.

The Healing Starts Here May 28, 2015

The devastating earthquake on April 25th 2015 caused chaos for the people of Nepal, changing their lives forever. In the relaxed village of Paslang, a haven for tourists, Lok Bahadur Thaply lost his home and his business but instead of giving up, he put his own life in danger to protect his family and friends.  

This 12-Year-Old Girl Plans For A Better Future in Nepal. May 16, 2015

12-year-old Girl Muskan has great plans for her school when it is rebuilt after the devastating earthquake in Nepal on April 25th 2015. She wants a safer, cleaner place for her and her friends to learn. 

My Little Boys World Is No Longer Safe May 13, 2015

Sunjuli's son’s life changed on the 25th of April when an earthquake sent his world crumbling down. He now lives in a scary place with no security. The constant aftershocks remind him that he is no longer safe and we can only imagine how yesterday's second earthquake affected him. Read Sunji's honest account, as a mother, about how the earthquake in Nepal has affected her little boy.

When losing your house means losing everything May 01, 2015

Kaanchi and her husband are very worried about their three boys. The family have been sleeping under a make shift tent for the past four days now. Their house has been reduced to rubble and they could not save or retrieve any of their belongings. 

A State of Helplessness April 29, 2015

Kumar was travelling away from his village in Nepal, when the deadly earthquake struck. Now he is separated from his village and family, as the country struggles to recover.

World Vision Ireland’s CEO Visits Typhoon-Hit Communities in the Philippines November 07, 2014

As the ghost of Typhoon Haiyan haunts the people of the Philippines, 12 months on, with devastation and despair, Helen Keogh, CEO of World Vision Ireland and World Vision Ambassador, Lorraine Keane explore the ruins of the once thriving communities in the Philippines.