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The Worst Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time December 18, 2015

Half Syria's pre-war population - more than 11 million people - have been killed or forced to flee their homes. Families are struggling to survive inside their own country, or make a new home in neighboring countries.

Making Up For Lost Time December 10, 2015

For many of the Syrian refugees who have found a safe haven in neighbouring countries, making up for time lost to the conflict is an ongoing issue.

My Tent, My Home December 07, 2015

Recently separated from his parents and seeking refuge in Lebanon, Ahmed works selling chewing gum by the roadside in order to earn enough money to feed himself and repair his tent that is now his home.

The Safety of Children Undermined by Violence in Central African Republic November 30, 2015

The recruitment of child soldiers and escalation of child sexual abuse cases is rampant across the Central African Republic (CAR) following a new wave of violence in the past fortnight.

The Shopkeepers of Za’atari November 23, 2015

Shopkeepers Hamid and Khalil are trying to use their skills that they used in Syria to make a living in their new host communities. Everyone is hoping some kind of normality will return.

“We want to learn – even during war” October 16, 2015

400,000 students drop out of school as humanitarian agencies cry out for better commitment to education in South Sudan. 

The Lasting Effects of War October 03, 2015

Children who have escaped violence in Syria and Iraq speak of the brutality—losing parents, loved ones, and friends—and being displaced and out of school.

Khalida’s Story October 03, 2015

Khalida is just 8 and her days are filled with caring for her two younger siblings, as well as cleaning and cooking.

Edo’s Story October 02, 2015

Many Syrian children just like 10 year-old Edo are forced into roles as head of the family and breadwinner

Cold Nights Ahead for Refugees in Serbia September 30, 2015

The rain in the Serbian capital of Belgrade makes life difficult for refugees living in parks but it’s nothing compared to the snows of winter.

A Day I Will Never Forget September 21, 2015

Mona, a World Vision Lebanon volunteer, experiences first-hand the terrible working conditions many Syrian refugees are forced to work in to eke out a living having fled their homes.

On the Serbia-Hungary border: Syrian refugee family looking for a better life September 18, 2015

The family sat on a mat in the shade of trees in a paved area near the border. They had slept on the ground near the border the night before. Teasadi, the mother, says “sleep” and pantomimes sleeping with her hands folded under her tilted head, then patting the ground...

Syria refugee crisis: No one wants to be a refugee September 16, 2015

As thosands of Syrian refugees fill city parks in Belgrade, Serbia, a World Vision voluteer gives her perspective on the mass influx having been in a very similar situation fleeing war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992.

World Vision Responds to Myanmar floods September 02, 2015

Ravaging floodwaters sweep through houses, farmlands, bridges and roads as relentless monsoon rains continue in Myanmar and India.

The Boat People: Rice for My Mother August 17, 2015

World Vision sent an assessment team to the asylum-seeker shelters in Aceh to meet with boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh in June 2015. Here’s what we found.

Education programming in South Sudan keeps children’s dreams alive July 31, 2015

Since the outbreak of conflict in South Sudan in late 2013 an estimated 400,000 children have been unable to continue their education and subsequently forced to drop out. This is the story of one of these children.

Why we need to put refugee children first July 19, 2015

So far in 2015, UNHCR estimates 25,000 people have sailed across the Andaman Sea, clinging to hope that they might be able to have a better life.

A failing grade on education for children affected by the Syria Crisis May 01, 2015

At only 10-years of age, Edo is a sole provider. He lost his childhood overnight when militants robbed him of his father, killing him in his hometown of Sinjar, in Iraq’s Ninewah province, in August, 2014.

A sweet song for Syria April 14, 2015

Meet Laynour – she’s fun, feisty and five years old. She plays dolls with her sister, she fights over the doll with her sister, she loves being the centre of attention, and she has adorable pigtails and loves making people laugh.

FAQs: War in Syria, children, and the refugee crisis April 07, 2015

Nearly 2 million Syrian children are refugees, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reports. An upsurge in fighting has complicated aid efforts as the conflict enters its fifth year.

Education is the best hope for the future of Syrian children March 30, 2015

This month the conflict in Syria has entered its fifth year, and at times the numbers are overwhelming. More than 6.6 million children have been affected.  Over 1.6 million have fled Syria, and another 7.6 million are displaced within the country. I can’t help but think of each of these numbers as a name 

Living in conflict: I know what it feels like March 16, 2015

Cecil Laguardia: "Over time, the players in the conflict have changed but the struggle continues. I have lived in a conflict zone for all 50 years of my life..."

Brave Syrian Mothers March 15, 2015

I am extremely lucky to work for World Vision Ireland and as part of this job I get to travel around the world and meet other mothers...
By Niamh Cooper - World Vision Ireland

A Syrian Mother in Jordan March 14, 2015

Since fleeing Syria over two years ago, Um Abdel-Aziz has been living in Irbid, Jordan with with her, two girls: Hiam and Rawan, and three boys: Abdel-Aziz, Ahmad and Aboudeh.

An art therapist comes home to work with women and children March 08, 2015

Through World Vision, Jwan went back to her war-torn native country Iraq to help women and children in their healing process though art. “My personal goal for this program is to bring a smile back to the displaced children’s faces”.

World Vision helps to Combat Cholera in Flooded Areas January 25, 2015

Flooding in Malawi has tragically claimed the lives of more than 100 people, and left thousands more homeless. World Vision has on-going programmes in many of the flood-hit areas and is working to support children and their families who have been impacted.

Plastic tarps protect against wind and rain but not against cold December 03, 2014

“It’s been very cold,” says Misreh, 30, who lives under stitched pieces of plastic sheeting with 15 others in her family. Displaced Iraqis need  winterisation assistance.

No gas, no money, and a harsh winter on the way December 01, 2014

More than 600,000 displaced Iraqis are in desperate need of winter assistance as temperatures continue to drop, and the mountainous region of Kurdish-controlled Iraq receives its first snows. 


More than 500 Schools in Dahuk Province Occupied by Displaced Persons October 20, 2014

Naima's first child’s birth was not in her hometown in the Sinjar district of Iraq’s Nineva Province as she had imagined.  It was several days away on foot, over desert and mountains.