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When the Rains Don’t Come October 06, 2017

Rain controls our world, much more than we realise. In Kenya, where more than 75 per cent of Kenyans earn some part of their living through agriculture, families don’t just depend on if the rains come, but when, where and how much it rains. 

Maria was three and weighed little more than a newborn baby August 08, 2016

At the age of three, Maria had suffered severe acute malnutrition. Her family lives in Huila province in southern Angola. As a single parent, mother Sabina could not provide enough food to her family. The effects of El Nino has greatly affected farming in the province. Thankfully, Maria is now recovering as World Vision addresses the malnutrition problem in Angola. 

The El Ñino phenomenon – How the extreme weather is impacting millions July 08, 2016

El Niño is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific. It happens every two to seven years. Its impact on global weather patterns means an increase in droughts and floods. In Africa the droughts in Southern and Eastern Africa existing conditions have been exasperated by El Niño  and has left millions of children in need. El Niño is also leading to droughts in the Pacific Islands and Central America.

El Nino threatens gains on education in Chikwawa June 17, 2016

World Vision works closely with local communities suffering from the effects of extreme and changing weather patterns. The droughts El Nino caused in Malawi impact the lives of people in many ways. Left with no choice, most families must spend their income on maize rather than spending it on the development of educational structures. 

El Nino has brought drought to their land so children in Lesotho sell stones to survive May 28, 2016

Food insecurity worsens as the impact of El Nino deepens in Lesotho, a country of close to 2 million in Southern Africa. To survive, many of its children are resorting to begging on the streets, or for two teenage boys Leteba and Pule, selling stones so they can buy food.

A hungry Christmas holiday looms for children across Southern Africa December 23, 2015

Millions of children in Southern Africa will go hungry over this Christmas season thanks to a food crisis worsened by an El Nino drought.

Building a Drought-Proof Community – A Case of a Dangoroyo November 12, 2014

A combination of creative projects is trying to change the way development is delivered to poor communities in Somalia or, in the larger picture of things, the way communities build the strength to survive disasters.