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Water brings back the smiles of children in Swaziland August 15, 2016

Driving down a dusty road heading to Shiselweni district, one of the countryside of Swaziland, near South Africa boarder, a water truck just left – after refilling water in the huge tanks at Mgampondo Primary School. 

The El Ñino phenomenon – How the extreme weather is impacting millions July 08, 2016

El Niño is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific. It happens every two to seven years. Its impact on global weather patterns means an increase in droughts and floods. In Africa the droughts in Southern and Eastern Africa existing conditions have been exasperated by El Niño  and has left millions of children in need. El Niño is also leading to droughts in the Pacific Islands and Central America.

El Nino threatens gains on education in Chikwawa June 17, 2016

World Vision works closely with local communities suffering from the effects of extreme and changing weather patterns. The droughts El Nino caused in Malawi impact the lives of people in many ways. Left with no choice, most families must spend their income on maize rather than spending it on the development of educational structures. 

A hungry Christmas holiday looms for children across Southern Africa December 23, 2015

Millions of children in Southern Africa will go hungry over this Christmas season thanks to a food crisis worsened by an El Nino drought.

The Silent but Lethal Crisis Looming December 17, 2015

While the world’s attention has been focussed on the escalating conflict in Syria, another humanitarian crisis is silently unfolding which threatens the lives of an even greater number of people across the globe.