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The Silent but Lethal Crisis Looming December 17, 2015

While the world’s attention has been focussed on the escalating conflict in Syria, another humanitarian crisis is silently unfolding which threatens the lives of an even greater number of people across the globe.

Seeing change in Humbo fifteen years on December 05, 2015

Today is World Soil Day and at World Vision we want to celebrate that brown stuff that we don't often think too much about.

15-Year-old Girl Weaves Herself a Future October 26, 2015

15 year old, Serkalem Bihon, so desperately wanted to have an education that she used every scrap of paper she could find to make her own notebook for school. 

Hugh Jackman’s Coffee and Tea Company Empowering Small Farmers June 11, 2015

After working with Dukale on his farm, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman realised that he and Dukale could help each other. Casting their superficial differences aside and coming together as two human beings with one idea, they went into the coffee business together.

Tadelu Wodajo from Ethiopia February 07, 2015

Three million girls undergo circumcision rituals each year. Community awareness is the key to ending this harmful practice that puts their lives at risk.

Ethiopia famine, 30 years later: Alerting the world to a humanitarian emergency December 17, 2014

It is 30 years since a BBC news report turned the world’s attention to the plight of famine-stricken Ethiopians. World Vision catches up with the pilots who helped them get that footage. 

See With Your Eyes November 17, 2014

WV staffer Steve Reynolds narrates his experience with U2 singer Bono in Ethiopia in 1985. "It seemed he wanted to hold every child and comfort every mother."