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Sandra’s Cow October 12, 2017

Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP, Uganda. 

We used to work individually or as one family in growing crops, and depended on rainfall only October 06, 2017

Amani was among the young farmers supported by World Vision to form commercially focused groups of producers to learn improved farming techniques. His decision to pursue horticulture farming in 2015 is already showing promise.

When the Rains Don’t Come October 06, 2017

Rain controls our world, much more than we realise. In Kenya, where more than 75 per cent of Kenyans earn some part of their living through agriculture, families don’t just depend on if the rains come, but when, where and how much it rains. 

Mobile app puts valuable information in farmers’ pockets August 16, 2017

Marguerite has been struggling to raise her four children since her husband died. A lack of resources and training prevented her from harvesting enough to support her family – until recently.

Taulo, the power of Savings Groups in Malawi March 16, 2017

When an official from World Vision went to a remote Mpapathu Village to encourage them to set up a savings group, Patrick Taulo, 30, was one of the few people in the village who dismissed the idea as a far fetched one.

Cow Appreciation Day July 14, 2016

 Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP.

The El Ñino phenomenon – How the extreme weather is impacting millions July 08, 2016

El Niño is a warming of the central to eastern tropical Pacific. It happens every two to seven years. Its impact on global weather patterns means an increase in droughts and floods. In Africa the droughts in Southern and Eastern Africa existing conditions have been exasperated by El Niño  and has left millions of children in need. El Niño is also leading to droughts in the Pacific Islands and Central America.

Joseph the Dairy Farmer June 28, 2016

On a recent trip to Zambia, I witnessed World Vision’s work to lift people out of poverty through a comprehensive community development effort. I was in the Magoye area of the Mazabuka District where World Vision has provided clean water sources of protected wells and boreholes.  

Amani Lazaro describes the limitations of how he and his community used to farm. May 08, 2016

Amani was among the young farmers supported by World Vision to form commercially focused groups of producers to learn improved farming techniques. 

Let’s hatch a plan! May 04, 2016

We are working to improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious foods  to support a nutrient rich diet by promoting home production of micronutrient rich food sources.

Chickens changing lives in Laos March 26, 2016

World Vision poultry revolving fund has helped Vilay and his family out of poverty. Their chicken farm has grown to be a great supply of food as well as income

Forests – A dream becomes a reality March 16, 2016

Tony Rinaudo, an expert on reforestation and agriculture at World Vision spoke to us about his on the ground experiences with  farmer managed natural regeneration

Spreading the word of FMNR March 16, 2016

In World Vision’s Mogotio Area Development Programme (ADP) in Kenya the word is spreading of how Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration has brought new hope to farmers and their communities.

Seeing change in Humbo fifteen years on December 05, 2015

Today is World Soil Day and at World Vision we want to celebrate that brown stuff that we don't often think too much about.

One goat, one chicken, one rooster: changing thousands of lives November 01, 2015

When World Vision distributed hundreds of animals in Christine’s community in Uganda, her community's dynamic changed forever.

Fathers are worth more than a card and a necktie June 23, 2015

Meet Moses Kityo, a hardworking father of seven, who used a micro loan to build a better life for his family and community. 

The power of a grandmother’s love June 19, 2015

Elizabeth in Zambia is the matriarch of her family. But this grandmother's primary role isn't only to love and dote on them … she's their provider. And for the past few years, she has struggled. Through a variety of World Vision programs, Elizabeth can now show her love to her family through food, education, health, and a life transformed out of poverty!

Hugh Jackman’s Coffee and Tea Company Empowering Small Farmers June 11, 2015

After working with Dukale on his farm, Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman realised that he and Dukale could help each other. Casting their superficial differences aside and coming together as two human beings with one idea, they went into the coffee business together.

From Failing Farmer to Successful Businesswoman May 29, 2015

When Gertrude’s farm was failing, all hope seemed lost. But she didn’t give up. Instead, she started her own business and now she’s a successful entrepreneur with confidence and a new lease on life. 

Building Sustainable Sunflower Oil Processing in Mundemu ADP December 15, 2014

World Vision, with the support of Electric Aid, supported the Mundemu Youth Group with trainings and a sunflower processing machine. This has allowed the many sunflower producers in the community to process their product locally rather than selling the seeds

World Vision has restored my confidence December 08, 2014

 Hassan Mohummad was among poor farmer-households identified and assisted by World Vision to participate in the environmental restoration activities two years ago.