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Will you be my friend? January 25, 2016

After a natural disaster, children are amongst the most vulnerable victims. At such times, all they need is a good friend. World Vision's Child-Friendly Spaces aim to be just that.

World Vision Responds to Myanmar floods September 02, 2015

Ravaging floodwaters sweep through houses, farmlands, bridges and roads as relentless monsoon rains continue in Myanmar and India.

Mother Sacrifices for Daughter January 29, 2015

A 41 year old woman died in Malawi’s Nsanje district after sacrificing her life to save her 12 year old daughter, Bertha from the raging floods.

Children in Zomba, Worried that Floods may Cause Hunger January 27, 2015

Children of Chingale community, Malawi, are worried that with most of their gardens washed away, there might be very little of even nothing to harvest, a thing which they believe will affect their education.

World Vision has restored my confidence December 08, 2014

 Hassan Mohummad was among poor farmer-households identified and assisted by World Vision to participate in the environmental restoration activities two years ago.