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Sandra’s Cow October 12, 2017

Sandra is a founding member of Rwengongo Women’s Group, one of the many dynamic self-help organisations World Vision has been working with in North Rukiga ADP, Uganda. 

When the Rains Don’t Come October 06, 2017

Rain controls our world, much more than we realise. In Kenya, where more than 75 per cent of Kenyans earn some part of their living through agriculture, families don’t just depend on if the rains come, but when, where and how much it rains. 

The Silent Crisis - Food distribution in Ngcampalala, Swaziland September 23, 2016

World Vision Regional Leader, Rudo Kwaramba, today joined the on-going food distribution by World Vision Swaziland in a bid to alleviate hunger amongst the most vulnerable and most affected by the El Nino, which has affected most parts of the country.

Comfort Food August 17, 2016

Nam spent his walking 30-40 km every day under the scorching sun to peddle chopsticks and toothpicks. With the help of World Vision his life has been turned around.

Families eat bird’s food to survive El Nino August 12, 2016

Agriculture is the main livelihood in Malawi but due to severe drought, farming has been seriously affected. According to the assessment conducted by UN, about 2.8 million of the population won’t be able to meet their annual food requirements during the 2015/2016 consumption period.  

Six things children need after an emergency – in their own words July 03, 2016

Over ten years, after emergencies in 15 different countries, World Vision spoke to more than 11,000 children aged 5-17. This is what they told us.

We’re celebrating International Day of the Co-operative with the story of an innovative group of wom July 02, 2016

They're inspiring change in their communities through a cooperative that not only provides nutritious food but quality early childhood education for the children in their communities

Helping children survive crisis June 14, 2016

World Vision have set up Stabilisation Centres with the Government of Ethiopia to treat malnourished and sick children affected by the drought in Ethiopia.

Water a Flower Day May 30, 2016

While many small, rural farmers in Tanzania are engaged in sunflower growing, they face a number of constraints that prevent them from taking advantage of this situation. Low access to quality seed and limited knowledge of modern production techniques keep yields low.

Coffee’s Hidden Kick: Labour exploitation in the global coffee community May 12, 2016

Would you enjoy your morning cuppa as much if you knew it may have arrived through exploitative labour practices? You may spend €3.00 on a cup of coffee, but coffee growers may receive as little as three cents. Often, this is not enough to support them or their families

Cash-based programming to address hunger in conflict-affected South Sudan: A case study May 09, 2016

For some time aid agencies and donors have recognised the benefits of utilising markets to deliver food assistance. And for almost as long, cash-based programming has been effective in doing this by improving people’s ability to purchase sufficient nutritious food

Amani Lazaro describes the limitations of how he and his community used to farm. May 08, 2016

Amani was among the young farmers supported by World Vision to form commercially focused groups of producers to learn improved farming techniques. 

Let’s hatch a plan! May 04, 2016

We are working to improve the availability and accessibility of nutritious foods  to support a nutrient rich diet by promoting home production of micronutrient rich food sources.

Nepal Earthquake Anniversary April 22, 2016

It has been a year since the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Since then World Vision has supported over 386,000 people thanks to the generosity of our supporters. Our work there is not done and we will continue to work with communities in Nepal to build back better 

Chickens changing lives in Laos March 26, 2016

World Vision poultry revolving fund has helped Vilay and his family out of poverty. Their chicken farm has grown to be a great supply of food as well as income

Forests – A dream becomes a reality March 16, 2016

Tony Rinaudo, an expert on reforestation and agriculture at World Vision spoke to us about his on the ground experiences with  farmer managed natural regeneration

Spreading the word of FMNR March 16, 2016

In World Vision’s Mogotio Area Development Programme (ADP) in Kenya the word is spreading of how Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration has brought new hope to farmers and their communities.

Breaking Barriers February 09, 2016

Kousalya is preparing the afternoon meal for over 60 children, as part of World Vision India’s UMANG feeding programme designed to address the high rates of malnutrition across India. But she is also breaking down one of the oldest social evils that the nation still struggles with, the Caste system. 

The Power of Soy January 21, 2016

In a community in Burundi, within two years soymilk cut their malnutrition rate in half. See how, and the difference it's making for these children and their entire community.

I almost lost my childhood in Somalia December 31, 2015

14-year-old Fartun, began her life as a refugee in January 2009, when she was just eight years old. Six years on, she tells us about the fighting in Somalia that forced her family to flee.

A hungry Christmas holiday looms for children across Southern Africa December 23, 2015

Millions of children in Southern Africa will go hungry over this Christmas season thanks to a food crisis worsened by an El Nino drought.

The Silent but Lethal Crisis Looming December 17, 2015

While the world’s attention has been focussed on the escalating conflict in Syria, another humanitarian crisis is silently unfolding which threatens the lives of an even greater number of people across the globe.

Seeing change in Humbo fifteen years on December 05, 2015

Today is World Soil Day and at World Vision we want to celebrate that brown stuff that we don't often think too much about.

World Food Day 2015 October 16, 2015

This World Food Day, World Vision reflects on how food is deciding children's futures in Asia.

A lifeline for Syrian families September 26, 2015

For most Syrian families seeking refuge in Lebanon, receiving food vouchers has been a lifeline.

Wherever she looks, she sees progress – What Child Sponsorship is doing for Joyce. September 01, 2015

Joyce remembers what life was like before World Vision came to her village. Those days are but a distant memory for Joyce and her family. She enjoys a much healthier and happier life now.

Overcoming Under-nutrition November 26, 2014

Under-nutrition can also occur in areas without food shortages, simply because parents are not aware of the right types of food to feed their children. World Vision Ireland’s AIM Health Programme* is working hard to overcome this issue.